Director of Recruitment can’t see members leaving

Why is it only the CEO can see player leaving notification?

As director of recruitment it’s literally my space job to be aware of this stuff. Our CEO is very active, but the job of managing incoming and exiting players can’t just be on the CEO. Why should there be a role that allows notifications for player invite/applications that doesn’t see player departure?

Either I missing something and I’ve not enabled something or this is a ridiculous “feature” or roles.

Please can this get looked at, as it’s not a uncommon issue from what I’ve read on the forums.

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if you have roles, you get notified if they “retire” ie, biomass, but not just leave, setting this to Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

Given the endpoints are now turned off. Even evewho can’t help me identify departed members. This is a ridiculous flaw.

The CCP ticket I raised on this issue said “use EveWho” and then shortly after the player corporation history endpoint was removed by CCP. So there is now genuinely no way to see player departures unless you are the CEO. This isn’t ideal for large corporation or those with afk CEOs. Can we get Player left notification for Directors too now please?

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Agreed, expanding these notification tools to recruitment communication officers ‘in-game’ would be a helpful QoL.

Piggybacking on this, it would also be helpful to automate an ‘exit interview’ mail when a character leaves corp similar to how you can automate the ‘join message’ mail.

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