Corporation Projects can't deliver Mutated Drones

Possibly affects other mutated Items as well.


I have created an ingame bug report with those two screenshots…
will it get fixxed? Since it’s a storyline arc for my corporation this will delay us quite a bit unfortunately :frowning:

My corpmember wasted an hour and couldn’t figure out how to deliver them so I wanted to try it myself and yes, it doesn’t work. Maybe those mutated items have a weird Item ID or something idk…
our were made from Hobgoblins in this example.


it’s asking for mutated -salvage- drones .
it’s highlighted yellow , not sure what else could be done to draw your attention … maybe make blinking text ? or a giant arrow icon ? :arrow_right::arrow_right: salvage drones !!! :arrow_left::arrow_left:. :smile:

Can you even mutate salvage drones?

I have figured something out. If you use ANY station, it doesn’t work. It didn’t even work for something simple like Robotics.

After I set the deliver destination to a specific station it worked with the Robotics… what the hell is going on :smiley:

not sure , but the highlighted yellow text in the ops screenshot says salvage drones …

No you can not per ingame mechanics, but it would totally make sense fictionally :rofl:

The selection box that defines the requested item type says “Light Mutated Drone”

The yellow text you’re talking about is a link in a description block describing a roleplaying pretext for why those drones are being requested. The contents of the description block don’t change any game mechanics.

After using a SPECIFIC Station, they could be delivered.

it’s super weird, because this mission worked with “Any” Station. There is probably some weird bug going on.