Corporation Projects Suggestion

I feel Corporation Projects should have more

A. Contribution Methods
B. Additional Career Paths
C. Grantable rewards

For A

Contribution methods geared towards Faction Warfare, for example:

  • Capturing complexes in a system or constellation
  • Completing rendvous points in a constellation
  • Destroying supply depots, supply caches
  • Destroying or deploying listening posts or propaganda stations

Having more projects geared towards Faction Warfare allows Faction Warfare Corp leaders to provide incentives to participate in the Warzone.

For B

The Learning path career paths are quite general. It would be nice to have more focused career paths. Particularly for Faction Warfare (or at least a Faction Warfare category).

For C

It would be nice to be able to tie in campaign medals created by the corp leadership and to be able to distribute medals automatically at the completion of a created campaign. Leadership creates a campaign. Then creates a campaign medal. The applies an award to the campaign. Additionally, allow corp leaders to apply a portion of LP collected through taxes as a bounty for the completion of the campaign.

These are ideas that can flush out the new Campaign features and make them more useful to Corp Leaders, especially in Faction Warfare.

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