Corporation Set Limit on Bookmarks

So, as the title, a limit to set bookmark limits that is corporation based. This could be for each folder or just a set limit for the corporation based on needs

I think the best solution is to create a role to enable creating/editing/deleting of corporation bookmarks: if you don’t have this role, you can’t spam the folder.

Other solutions are more complex and prone to disagreement, but I think this solution is simple to implement and works with the status quo minus the spam.

It’s not really valid, the larger the corporation and more broad a corporation’s activities are, the higher bookmarks are in demand and there are bookmarks that need to be there permanently. Additionally, features could include setting access to delete/change bookmarks or lock bookmarks from being moved or deleted

I was under the impression that you felt there were “too many” bookmarks; what do you mean by “to set bookmark limits” then?

Also, the features you described are what I describes, so I’m not sure what you don’t consider to be valid.

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