Corporation Store

Hello. Anyone knows of a software to create a corporation store? I recall there used to be such a few years back.

What do you mean by corporation store?

Basically sell items to corp members at a discounted price. I recall there used to be such softwares available, but I cant find anything.

So basically corporation contracts?

Not corporation contracts. But like a real online store with items by category and such. And ability for members to place orders.

You could try to pith the idea here: Suggestions for a New EVE Tool
ofc. it will take some time before he has it done. But, if nothing exist, it’s just the thing he is looking for and you will get your store eventually :slight_smile:

Good point. But the thing is I recall we had that type of software/program available a few years back, but cant find it anywhere…

Probably this: ?

Seems relatively updated so should be good to go.

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