Corpses - Blocking / Tearing

When zooming in on a corpse in space and only corpses (no issues with other entities) I get the weirdest tearing and blocking happening. Screenshot supplied but it doesn’t give the full effect of it twitching and jumping around. Is this something anyone else experiences or is it likely specific to my setup? This happens irrespective of context / background. I even visited the site this shot was taken in after it despawning to see if associated entities in the site had anything to do with it - still the same.


The rest of the game works fine and I have zero issues.

I have seen it happening in Jita with a corpse floating in space some hundreds km far away from me. I think its clients fault, having problems with deciding how to display objects, high, medium or low details. Then it wants to display all of them at the same time in a limbo.

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