Change of State Lag?

I play with 4 clients and I seem to get a reoccurring problem with one or two of the clients getting a bug with Changes of State causing a black screen and/or freezing up for sometimes almost a minute. This makes the game a bit unplayable as jumping a gate can lead to death with 1. Not seeing whats on the other side. 2. Not being able to react… quite possibly till after your cloak wears off. It also lags out changing ships, changing clones, undocking/docking, ship destroyed(were you hoping to get your pod out. LOL). Been happening off and on for over a year, put tickets in. Sometimes it goes away and i get a week of awesome eve then login and the glitch is back on one of the clients. I use 3 monitors, TV, and a Titan X.

If the black screen issue is occurring after a session change (jumping, undocking, docking) it could mean the client is taking a long time to load something. Try deleting logs in your documents/eve/logs/ folder. If yo have a lot of bookmarks, arrange them into folders. The client can lag if it has to load a lot of bookmarks on each jump.

Nothing here helped me. Got rid of 2 years of logs organized bm still doing it.

Try lowering Shaders and Textures settings and see if that helps.

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