Blackscreen Login / Ingame Lag

Atleast once a day or multiple times during my playthrough, I start getting unbelievable lag ingame where stargates warping takes forever, loading anything takes forever, and then if I try and restart the client, I get very long black screen logins.

I researched the issue, I can’t seem to find a fix. I cleared the cache but have no messed with folder settings.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I am sort of amazed no one else has this issue. Loading up my accounts takes like 20 minutes

The fact that no-one else experiences this suggests it’s something to do with either your PC (thrashing for lack of memory ? faulty disk ?) or with your connection to the internet. For the former, get and run a good PC test overnight, see if it picks anything up. For the latter, can you use the internet for anything else while this is happening ? is the ‘anything else’ also running slow during those times ? Are you on a wireless connection ? I had a friend who had wireless connection problems whenever his washing-machine was in use (interference) - new machine cured it.

I submitted a ticket and a gm told me my launcher was corrupt and to delete the launcher cache here -


delete the default folder

Seems to have solved the issue for anyone else that looks.

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