Corvid Industrial Enterprises is looking for YOU!

Corvid Industrial Enterprises is a brand new 100% industrial startup looking for motivated and proactive partners!

Are you any of: a collector, trader, hauler, manufacturer, researcher?

Are you PROACTIVE, full of initiative and ambition?

Do you want to be part of a corporation that promotes activity, outlines clear goals, and has great ambitions?

Do you want to make money?

Corvid Industrial Enterprises is looking for YOU!

While Corvid Industrial Enterprises may not have the resources of the titans of the industry and is still in the setup phase, it has ambition, motivation, and a clear goal driven attitude.

We are headquartered in Dodixie looking for active partners. While we respect our partners’ personal lives, their freedom to engage with the company as they see fit and to take part in activities beside that of the company, we expect all our employees to actively take part in our industrial processes. Inactivity and merely hanging around are not options: we want initiative!

To do so, we outline clear goals and clear tasks, and we expect employees to participate in if not propose all manners of company initiative.

We have ambitions to fill the markets with all manners of industrial goods, filling in at every step of the process with our own resources as much as is possible. We are thinking efficiency and volume: if it doesn’t sell fast enough at one market, expand to another market! Expand to other areas of industry! We think BIG!

Experienced and inexperienced alike are welcome - the founders of this very company are but mere novices of industries, but we are driven and motivated. If you are a proactive industrial looking to increase your profits, apply now! We will be more than the sum of our parts!

Send an Evemail to Margaret Stonkstrader or apply directly to Corvid Industrial Enterprises.

Fly boldly! o7

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