Could the repartition of Ore fix the market (and the game...)?

Hello capsuleers!
I am not an expert in economics myself, and I actually don’t have much to lose or gain either way as a very much “independent” player-character in the game. But I see how stupid some prices are, and how hopeless industry has become for small entrepreneurs like me (I also could git-gut yes I know).

Ore and Minerals rarity and repartition are, I think, part of the problem at this point in the evolution of the Eve market.

Just about to throw ideas out there no matter how stupid they may seem to the “experts”.

Probably the stupidest idea so I put it down first. What if the repartition of Ore was inverted? Make Empire space full of Ore, and Null-sec much dryer… Couldn’t that counter the imbalance and put a much-needed strain on the Donuts domination of the market? That could also boost FW indirectly I suppose, and help the new bros to progress quicker. There could then be a huge tax for hauling and jumping ore cargo out of Empire and across Empires. Not sure about all that but Ore repartition here plays a huge role regarding the health of Eve market.

Or, the repartition of Ore could be more volatile and spawns more scattered across entire regions. There could be stricter restrictions and penalties for mining a place constantly. Mega cosmic radiations could make Ore spawn more in specific regions for a while (just the time it takes to build a huge fleet and go to war) and then go somewhere else. This could potentially push people and empires to be more nomadic, war-minded and pro-active.

What if unused Ore was corroding and losing its mineral content when stocked too long?

As I said, I am no expert neither in economics or Eve politics. But I feel this game needs more randomness to bring up more adventurous motivations in people’s minds, force the players to act quicker and compete for rarer loot. As of now, it seems there is too much of everything, the only value in things is isk (which means nothing for the wealthy), whereas discovery and treasure hunt have no sense anymore. Let there be chaos. The thrones must fall, the walls must move. The game needs action. The era of piracy must dawn.

Let’s be open and creative here, waiting for your inputs. Let’s help CCP make this game EVEn greater than it is.

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The relationship in null between ratting and mining is quite balanced.
No need for changes.

And let’s face it. In sheltered high sec there are fewer conflicts, so there is no huge need for resources.

Highsec is a children’s sandbox, goes to null and plays the adult games there. :slight_smile:

…where you get murdered by triglavians, a giant blobbh of Blood Raiders or Guristas all the time…


If you think those fruitflys with a heartcondition are a problem you dont want to see 0Sec-rats, let alone roaming-gangs.

I pvp in Nullsec every day… and thank you for being such a typical poster. Next please.

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You fight in null, but you want more resources in high? Mhh :thinking:

I am looking for a future for the game. I use my imagination. Stop polluting this thread now, participate to the debate, be imaginative or be gone. I didn’t open this topic for such nonsense.

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I don’t see any broken prices or anything.
Can you explain what you mean?

An example.
I made with conduits sites in HighSec 200-300M each evening.
Now I mine similar sum in a Rorqual. It seems balanced

That’s probably to do with the unenviable situation of a solo hi-sec manufacturer that cannot compete with the low prices of the tycoons out there. It costs more to build from scratch than to buy (and that’s fine, eve is tough for solo pvp)
But more importantly I am more concerned about the static consensus between the two donuts, and how boring it makes the null-sec map. I wonder if there are ways to break this comfort and allow the game to breath a wilder air.

Boring? Sit one evening in Rorqual and pay constant attention to local and intel, how hundreds of strangers crossing the systems and constantly catch something. Then say it’s boring.

Yes, it is profitable, yes, sometimes more relaxed. Do you know why? Because you have more friends and allies than in nobody Highsec Land.

Get some friends. :slight_smile: Solo EVE is not much fun.


Again such a typical and impressively constructive reply. Thank you for your input. Next person please!

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:woman_facepalming: ok, thx thx by.

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I agree that distribution of resources by location would add more conflict/trade/opportunities. I would be supportive.


I seem to recall CCP Burger (I think it was) commenting during EVE Vegas that too many regions are too self-sufficient and they’d like to break up resource availability across the map.

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I totally agree with you

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CCP Helmar has given several interviews where he has discussed resource distribution and regeneration as significant contributors to the current stagnation.

The amount of attention these are getting leads me to believe that redistribution - so regions are not self sufficient and depletion - so you can’t simply farm forever, will be part of the game in the not too far distant future. My guess is Fanfest.

Edit: link to interview at G-Star:


CCP made a massive mistake years ago when they bowed to pressure from null to increase mineral availability down in null.

Before that happened they had to buy and ship in ore and minerals from high sec to make up the shortfall needed for industry, now they’re autonomous it’s hs miners that are struggling.

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struggling with what ?

Sales and low prices apparently, though I have to admit that I haven’t mined for a while. Unless ofc there’s a healthy mineral and ore market?

0 sec rats are far weaker than the roaming diamond rats response fleets.
You clearly haven’t played much in highsec belts in the last couple of years.