Hypothetical Discussion

This is purely hypothetical; I’m curious what people think would happen.

Suppose ships and modules could no longer be reprocessed.

  • What do you think would happen to their prices?
  • How would those prices changes impact industry beyond the obvious answers?
    • What does this imply about the current state of industry in the game
  • What would happen to the input prices, minerals, goo, and such?

Not much change.

Not much change.

Nothing changes.

Not much change.

Since module compression was effectively removed from the game, it wouldn’t make much difference at all.

OK to the people saying it won’t make much difference, you are wrong.

Refine change was possibly the most dramatic change to the eve universe that ever happened, it had dramatic effects for both player behiviour & CCP’s monetisation of eve.

Previously you could perfectly refine at 100%, meaning no product in eve could sell for less than its base components without being bought & melted for profit, meaning no player could produce materials at values less than base component prices without making stark hard red losses. This was reality shattering for many players, they come to eve to feel like winners not the irl chumps they are.

CCP then made refine losses meaning normal IQ players could no longer simply buy from the fantasist at below base price & take 100% of margin, no matter how small they were. Sometimes so small you had to wait for market swing.

This refine losses is the % that makes poker a popular pastime. Despite not being a good poker player “shark” you as a “fish” still have a blurred perceived % chance of winning against a shark. Sometimes a fish will beat a shark in a game of poker, known as donking. Eve industry has a donkey % where if you squint or go cocktail eyed enough you might be able to blur your losses into profits, this is the game CCP sells you, you pay $ for the distorto vision per 30 day plex.

A ccp’r at some point sat down and brought this game philosophy to eve, I would like someone to name him but might have to wait for the book? I suspect CCP were trained by that Sony dude?

Anyway CCP are writing their own plays now, some of them suicidal.

Allowing players to trade & produce at losses while celebrating them as profits via plex $ purchase defines modern eve. It is literally a pillar of this mmo, every patch change will incorporate it.


mineral prices would go up.

a long time ago there was a pos part called a coupling array. they were great because you could refine them and get trit and mega at a guaranteed floor price. when ccp nerfed their refine, trit prices nearly doubled. i don’t know that ship/module refining is quite that big, but it’s a part of the whole. removing that would probably raise price proportionately.

Market stabilized and nothing really changed, though.

There were quite a few items like this, they set artificial tops and bottoms for mineral prices. Shuttles, Pax Armarria and such. When these were removed, mineral prices moved beyond the limits.

Woosh, well over your head back to n+1’ng what ever it is you do in eve.

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