Impact of new changes to economy

as the title goes, i have my own theory but i would very much like to hear other ppl first

We might see an improvements in things like production and the velocity of isk, but think CCP will probably still need to tweak knobs and levers in order to get things back to a “healthy” state. Of course, there is likely to be a lot of disagreement between all the players and devs over what exactly is a healthy state. I mean, I consider a healthy state to mean that we don’t see another age of abundance.


We need people to struggle enough to just buy plex.


well cant say i have really ever felt that i have it all easy in the game, i was bored out of my mind to rat or play the market to make enough isk to pvp and lose ships over and over again. Maybe ccp overestimated impact of abundance.

Mostly i would like to hear specific areas and items in the market that may be impacted more

It is completely out of whack. I can no longer afford to play the game and enjoy losses and replacements like I used to. It is too much of an isk hit to replace when risks don’t pan out and too little of a isk/hour ratio when I try to reduce risk. Ships are too damn expensive.

Well, ice for example was in a time of scarcity, people complained high on a hill. So ccp dumped ice supply on us… now the ice is less than 1/2 what it once was in value… ccp has recently pulled the larger clusters for the old ones , but the abundance will keep the price there for now. If ccp draws back further, the value will return, but not before sellers dump stockpiles in reserve

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