Council Diplomatic Shuttle - Dev Market Manipulation?

I have noticed a recent drop on the market numbering 6000+ ships in a very specific price range and fail to see how a non-dev would get their hands on so many given the recent market buy/sell graphs on them in jita.

Do devs jump into the market to PVP the players sometimes or could this be considered normal?

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CCP is not supposed to do market regulation but may be yes.

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someone hoarding them decided to dump them.

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The BPCs were given out, for free, to every account i believe, so its possible.

I have like 14 of them, each 10 run blueprints, so thats 140 right there. If you were a skillfarminvermin or something, you may have a ■■■■ ton.

Yeah I have been buying sunesis for quite a long time some of us are just very calculatedly slow.

Not even kidding, thousands just pop up out of the blue. You can’t tell me one individual has that many in one account. Something is definitely up and needs to be looked into. This doesn’t happen on any other class of ship being made my players and this is supposed to be a limited edition shuttle.

I’m entirely okay with new people being allowed to buy stuff that would otherwise be entirely unavailable. Especially when would otherwise gatekeep something genuinely useful.

Me? I just want to be able to buy the Yoiul Festival SKIN line for my SoE ships. QwQ