Collectable Ships?


What makes the collectable ships valuable? Other than them being rare / a limited number?

In that case, why not buy up all the ships on the market for a specific collectable ship, like the Inter Bus Shuttle. Only 15billion total for current stock of them across all markets and sit on them. Would that not cause them to go up in price significantly? Even if others start dumping there’s on the market, buy those as well.

What is the flaw with this approach?
One thing maybe, that there is really no demand for these ships other than collectibles?
Thanks for entertaining the question.

Okay, yes, you can manipulate the prices of things, but I won’t tell you how. What I will tell you is that making big price manipulations is not a trivial thing to do, and that if you make a miscalculation, you’ll enrich other people at your own expense.

Sigh. I feel conflicted because I want to talk about it, but I’m financially incentivized to keep this one to myself. I am serious though, you can get burnt. So, I will give you at least one piece of advice, don’t spend the isk if you can’t afford to lose it.
No P2W

“Okay, yes” lol try being less pretentious.

There are no secrets to it. If you are confident that you know the supply chain pretty well - you can try. But you wouldnt be asking for advice if you did. In your example: no, the current listed offering are NOT the current stock. There are dozens of these ships not on the market, and others are going to start putting theirs at increasingly higher prices seemingly forever.

An example of a failed manipulation attempt: the expensive “sleeve - nature” tattoos. Every single recorded sale for the past year has been 1 guy trying to buy all of them up and resell at ~10b. If you look at the price, it only dropped. He’s still going, and I keep pushing his buyorders up to keep his losses going.

TLDR you must know your ■■■■ to attempt

There’s your error. People are sitting on many more ships and they will kill you.

It’s a tarp.

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