Noob trading. Need some tips

Hi, I’m a noob trader and was wondering if my method is valid. I’ve been looking for selling charts that have big gaps (above 10%) where I could buy all the lowest ones and put the items back again on top of the selling charts for the gap proffit.

Placing buy orders and waiting to buy waaay less than the average price is still a better strategy? (I dont like competing on those buying walls)

Also. Any good eve economy/trade beginner material to study?

HI, Glad you made it to the trading world! Basically I believe you are referring to market manipulation. The best answer to your question is “it depends.”

Where are you trying to do this? If your in Jita, Sure you can do this but people will see the price gap change and want a piece of the pie and it will very quickly get back down to a normal price so you will still have a lot of competition. If your doing it not in a trade hub, you might have better luck but you still have volume to worry about there.

What kind of volume does the item usually have? More volume it has, the easier it is going to be to sell it at a higher price but that generally is going to cost more to manipulate the price to get that gap which bring me to my next point.

How much capital do you have? Generally something like this to be successful, requires a lot of capital and also come with a lot more risk.

Conclusion: There is plenty more question/complication that can arise when trying to manipulate the market, and this I would consider to be one of the hardest one to put off the be successful. You have to find the right item at the right time in the right place. It can work, but you need to know what you are doing and what the market is doing. My advise is stay away from this until you get your feet wet.

Good Luck and hope you make a ton of isk.

As said above, this is market manipulation. It is generally not advisable to attempt to make money on manipulations in your first 3-6 months of doing trading full time. You will get burned.

Do manipulations only on items you know very very well. You will still get burned from time to time.

How can I be burned? With industrials or other traders dumping too much volume over my selling orders?

Also, is there a way to avoid the bidding wars on buy orders? It’s too time consuming and boring to do it, I’ve also heard that most of the time we are bidding against trader bots.

You will be burned, because the sell orders that you see are only a fraction of the amount of goods that traders have in the station. When you shift the price up, they will unload more, potentially hundreds of billions worth. That’s why you need long experience with the specific item.

You can avoid the bidding wars by cyclical trading and setting your own price. Again, this takes a lot of experience. By “cyclical trading” we mean knowing what the expected highs and lows for an item is - over a longer period of weeks or months - then buy at the lows and sell at the highs, regardless of what other buyers and sellers do.

Isn’t that just the same as manipulation? No, the difference is in cyclical trading you acknowledge that you are not stronger than all the other traders combined, but you trust that the trend towards the “natural” price is even stronger, so that is what you trade at.

I think I can relate to being new aswel did decently at the start so far just day trading but i’m finding difficulties noticing the dips for cyclical trading would love to get into it but am not sure when to buy

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