Market Manipulation

(Asian Cowboy) #1

Is the best way to go about manipulating the average price of an item to simply buy and sell it between an alt of yours? Ideally you wouldn’t want a ton of volume in other peoples sell orders being bought/sold and messing up your manipulation attempts.

(DelBoy Trades) #2

I wouldn’t call it outright manipulation, perhaps others would, but if I’m concentrating on a particular good and there seems to be a bunch of sells in one price range, let’s say 20m per, then a gap up to 24m and buy orders in the mid teens; 16m for instance. I will buy up all the sells at 20, post the lot for sale in a few tranches for 24m. I’ll also overbid the buys with 4-5 tranches of 18/19m buys. I never trade with my alt to change the average price.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #3

I will occasionally move a small number of a high volume item to an inconvenient location, and post a single station buy order for a large number of the item there at a very low price, and sell large volumes to myself.

eg if I wanted to mess with the market data on 25000mm Steel Plates II, I’d post a 250 unit buy order at some awkwardly located station at 1m ISK each, then take one there and sell it to myself.

Only works if no competitiors have regionwide buy orders.

(Celengan Babi) #4

you don’t need an alt actually, you can just fill your own orders

(Mcdonald's Seller) #5

There are several different and unique ways to manipulate the market. 2 different ways are listed above and there are a ton more ideas/styles that people like to implement depending on the item, volume, location, amount and more. There are too many variables in market trading to say that “this is the best way to manipulate the market.”

From personal experience (only about 2months), I have only done 2 different types of market manipulations as I am new. One was the exact same as DelBoy so that you are able to sell your items at a higher price. The second was when i was ready to dump an item and saw a large buy order below me. All I would do is create a couple buy orders there and raise him up till he wouldn’t go up anymore then cancel those buy orders and dump the product on him.

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