Counsil of Thermis looking for pilots

Counsil of Thermis is recruiting both pvp focused and indy focused pilots to come be apart of the foundation being laid down. We are part of No Forks Given living in low sec. We don’t have any silly requirements such as Paps, kill quotas, or minimum online time. However we do want people who are active and interested in building something we can call home.

What we can offer

*PVP content/alliance warfare
*Unique alliance doctrines
*Relaxed atmosphere with a RL comes first mentality
*Indy and moon mining opportunities
*Experienced leadership
*Alliance comms

What we require

*A willingness to grow with us as an alliance
*Mature, friendly and active people

If your interest and want to know more contact James Astraeus, David Alastar or Uwiatope, or stop by our pub channel in game, @ Thermis pub

Still looking for more pilots. Had a few join, are you next?

Had a nice turn out to fleet tonight. Its not too late to secure your place here

Looking for more players, we have alot of things to do this week. Join in now!!!

We had a few join up with us, you can be next, we are still recruiting!

Still looking for more pilots, all are welcome!

Looking for more pilots. All are welcome.

Pvp and indy both, join today

We have lots for things planned for the weekend. Stop by and have a chat with us.

We made the news!!! This is the best time to join, come have a chat

Its a new week and the best time to join!!! Come have a chat with us.

Still looking for more pilots

More pilots are welcome, had some great fights tonight. Its not too late to join, come have a chat!

More pilots needed. Join today!

Still looking for more pilots

All are welcome to join. Everyone is needed. We have big plans going now

Looking for more pilots! All are welcome. Apply today

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