Courier missions: detailed manifest when undocking without cargo

currently, when doing a Courier mission and undocking without ALL cargo, there is a pop-up warning.
However, sometimes the ship can accomodate only part of the cargo, so person hauling 80% of it will have the same pop-up as someone who totally forgot to actually move the stuff to the cargo.
Or, perhaps there is more than one mission at the same time.

It would be easy (developer time wise) if the pop-up would include more information, and it would just ease access to information.

It could look like this: (left is current, right is suggested)


Oh, and I, my apologies, forgot one thing that could (should?) be in “”“my”"" suggestion: include information what already actually is in the delivery location:


Of course, this is rough wording; could be “items in station” and “items in cargo”.

The exact wording and fonts and colours are not relevant, though; my point is a simple quality of life upgrade for anyone doing Courier missions.

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