Court of Gods; Wormholes and Bashing? Want to check it out?

There was a time in New Eden when abandoned structures proliferated the reaches of empire space, their mere presence a blight upon the cosmos. It was in this time that we, Court of Gods saw a galaxy in need we listened to the call and set Armour plates to our ships and crystals in our guns, we made way to the structures near and far…ah screw it, we made money on them, lets be honest with ourselves, it was about the ISK, we made good money too, after a bit we started doing some wormholeing and caught up with a good group of folks and we joined them under the flag of the Tsundere Triad.

So far it’s been great, we do evictions now beyond just our former Structure bashing, we’ve also kept up our PVE activities that fund our PVP, we run conduits, Major and Minor as well as the PVE sites available in our wormhole (we have a C2 right now).

Being a smaller alliance we don’t have the most or best services compared to some of the bigger ones, but we do have an SRP system, a Buy-Back program, and of course a Discord Server and a Zkill; , and so does the alliance.

As for who we are looking for, it doesn’t really matter what you want to do in eve, or even how experienced you are, newbro and bitter vet alike, we have room for you. From mining in our Wormhole to PVP and PVE with us, you will have content. Mostly we are doing small gang PVP and use armor Doctrines; Amarr, Galente, Triglavian, Blood Raiders and SOE.

If you’re interested just message Rogue Ozran here or in game, you could also join our discord or join our in game chat channel “Court of Gods Public”

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