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Is there any advantage to training the Covert Ops skill beyond L1? I found this article that says “scan bonuses on T2 ships are based on your covert ops level” ( but don’t know how old it is, & couldn’t find any such documentation in game. Skill info also doesn’t doc any advantages after L1. Any reason to train it further?

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Depends on the ship you fly. Recons / T3s have a targeting delay after decloaking that the cloaking skill reduces and you also need cloaking trained to level 4 to be able to utilize the covert ops cloak.

Whether you should train from 4 to 5 depends entirely on what sort of ship you fly and whether the targeting delay is critical to what you do.

For the Cloaking skill, yes, but I was asking about the Covert Ops skill.

its scanning bonus for cov ops ships

Did you bother to look up the traits of any of the CovOps ships?

Bombers also fall under the CovOps umbrella.

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Covert Ops skills beyond level one is for the bonuses of Covert Ops ships like the Stealth Bombers and Cov Ops Frigates.

So if you want to use those ships efficiently, train the skills as high as you are willing.

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Been a while since I last logged on… Genuinely thought you were asking about cloaking, since the covert ops skill is prominently mentioned on all the hulls’ descriptions that require it…

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There is basically no benefit other than cloaking to fly a covops vs a t1 scan frigate until you have covops 4.
A probe has less scan strength than a cheetah until you have covops trained to 4.
Cloaking is gigantic, but get covops trained to at least 4, otherwise what is the real point?

From the Buzzard:

Covert Ops bonuses (per skill level):
20% reduction in Cloaking Devices CPU requirement
10% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe strength
10% reduction in Survey Probe flight time

Yes, I’d say there is a major benefit to training CovOps past I. at V you get CPU free cloaks.

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In general questions like this can be answered by going to the “required for” tab and seeing how this skill affects the ships that require it.

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