Amarr Frigate Skill

This is more of a statement post than a question.

After about 3 months of playing Eve I just learned this: Ship bonuses are increased by higher [Racial] Frigate skill level. From day one everything I read was that it was important to train this to level 4. But I didn’t understand why. My only understanding was that each level unlocked more ships. I was quite happy just flying the ships unlocked by level 1-3 so, I didn’t invest the time to unlock level 4.

The description of the skill only says: Skill at operating Amarr Frigates

I found out by accident when I started fitting a Probe to Explore with instead of my Magnate. I skilled up to Minmatar Frigate level 1 (the required to fly the Probe) and wondered why the scan strength wasn’t the same as the Magnate. Then it popped into my brain about the ship bonuses. Duh.

It would be nice if this was mentioned somewhere for new players to find.


You should always check info on anything you use be it ships or modules so you understand how they work and compare to other ships and modules same goes for skills too.My personal rule is get as many useful skills to 4 as you can first before lvl5s


On each type of ship (traits) it will tell you what if any bonus’ the ship gets from each level of that skill. All the ships are affected differently so they tell us in each different ship’s info.


You are correct in that some of the skills and what they do can be a bit… opaque.

But this mostly because what the bonuses are is not exactly the same across all things.

Weapon skills are clearly marked on the skills themselves… because they apply equally across the weapon type in question.
Train up a level in Energy/Projectile/Hybrid/Missile skill(s)… gain 5% damage its damage application.

Ships are the “opposite” in the sense that the ships themselves all have skill bonuses (more or less) unique to the hull itself.
Train up a level in Amarr/Minmatar/Gallente/Caldari ships… gain a bonus dictated by the ship itself.

This is why veteran players typically recommend that newer players look at the info box for everything.
After that… it is simple memorization. At least in terms of paradigms.

All in all… it is a simple issue and one that is easily figured out within the first month or so (at least… easily figured out if you are actively researching everything).
A good PSA for newbies if nothing else.

Carry on and fly dangerously!


The information sheet for each ship tells you what bonuses you earn for training each level of the skill. For the Probe:

Other tabs describe characteristics of the ship, the skills you need to fly it and recommended support skills for various levels of mastery.

The info sheet can be opened by right clicking a ship you own or right clicking the market listing or opening the Neocom ship tree.


The hardest lessons are the ones you never forget :grin:


Thanks for all the replies. Everything is obvious in hindsight. :persevere:


In any other game, when you get a new item, you would open up the info tab to see what the stats are. Whether they deal more damage than the item you currently have. Whether they have bonuses to damages like fire, or increase strength, what level you need to be in order to equip it, etc etc.

Why would you think its different for EVE?

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I don’t play other games. Really. Eve is my first gaming experience. Well ok Diablo a very long time ago and I got bored with it really quick.

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I’m pretty sure diablo also has items. And I dont recall having a tutorial section in any diablo game that asked you to take a look at the loot you just picked up and look at the info regarding it.

Yeah again. A very long time ago. Don’t remember. Not an experienced gamer.

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No biggie. :slight_smile:

There are more than a few players here who are not the biggest “gamers”… relatively speaking.
For example, I am more of a “spreadsheet jockey” who likes the slower pacing / tactical nature things in EVE.
I tend to shy away from First Person Shooters (too fast paced for my taste) and traditional MMOs (because I hate being forced to mindlessly “powergrind”).

My advice is to at least do a bit of cursory research on whatever you encounter.
More so than in other games, knowledge is “power” here. The more informed you are, the more you understand and the better prepared you can be in the future.

If you do not understand something the Newbie section of the forums is a (relatively) good source to come to.
We may tease and mock a bit (and even shoot you in the face in-game), but if someone is asking a genuine question and/or wants to learn then people will help.


Funny, after some seconds of reading, that long forgotten feeling reemerged. I know exactly what you mean, had the same problem (must be because I also started solo for several weeks). The first weeks I also thought ship skills are just for being able to fly “better” ships, because the info panel said so (esp. “required for”). Each module info panel told about what effect which level has, there was no hint that ship skills have according effects.
But after some weeks you learn the lesson. Well, in fact you learn many lessons in that time :slight_smile:

So perhaps one little sentence in the info may help, like “Skill at operating Amarr destroyers. For ship effects, check the referring ship info.” or something alike.


Yes, thank you.

Yeah, just to reiterate- please do NOT be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem simple or basic. The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked.

There might be some ribbing, but there are always going to be people here who will genuinely want to help out and point you in the right direction when you need it and ask.



And to piggy back off what Leah was stating, even the veterans sometimes get confused about things going on in all the things that EVE has in it. I won’t even begin to tell you how sometimes I look at some of the projects my group is undertaking, nod, and just smile. There are so many little parts in this game and to learn all of them will take some time.

Fly safe! See you in the vastness of the void.


To expand on this:

No one person in the game understand everything in the game.

Some are well versed in PvP.
Some are specialized in PvE activities.
Some excel at Industry.
And others know how to play the “political game” with other players.

Eventually you’ll gain cursory understanding of all of the above. But that takes time.

Thankfully, due to the interconnected nature of the game (see: every activity affects every other activity to some degree) it will happen while you specialize in any of the above.


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