Covert Ops Structures

Idea’s to help cloaking corps and increase their lethal levels

  • upwell structures that have a new modules and do not use standard upwell modules

    • Cloak (station automatically cloaks, each time a member docks or undocks, it shimmers for 30 seconds making the structure partially visible.
      • cloaks run on fuel
    • Anti scanning sensor (helps pretend probes from detecting the stucture)
    • Varios upwell weaponsystems
  • Covert structures are weaker then others (-15% HP)

  • Covert structures are secret and cannot house trade systems

  • Covert structures require you to probe them, and can be probed through cloak, however require 90% of perfect skill rates, and a covert ops ship.

  • Cover ops ships probe strength buffed by another 15% per level.

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This would become the only structures used ever. They would be near impossible to kill and inhibit any type of structure combat. What is your objective? This is clearly a defensive structure and is certainly not adding to any offensive capability

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This is a dumb idea. I’d say try again, but i’d rather you not.


The idea behind this is that corporations that are cloaking based can create a sort of set of locations, a more permanent route to base itself out of. these stations could act as a sort of more permanent option to do black ops operations out of.

the cloaking could be scanned, so it would just appear as an anom that was insanely hard to scan down. it wouldent be impossible to find, but would blend into other anoms that will require good scanning skills to locate.

because it wont have warp scrams and jammers, and will be weaker in hp so its much easier to kill, maybe if its needed to be nerfed alittle, it wont have a invuln timer.

How about restriction that only Covert Ops capable ships and Blops can dock/tether to it

Oh hell no!

You don’t scan down anomalies. They are already at 100% and warpable. You do have to scan down cosmic signatures though.

That could work. All cloak specific ships (including BR/DST).

OMG Just No :rofl:


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