Suggestion: Covert Ops Ships And Capital Class, and upgrades

Hello guys,

A few suggestions to rework and improve cloaking power, but also provide some anti-griefing mechanics.

New Ships
New Capital Class: Intelligence Command Ship

This ship is designed to allow the cyno being generated to lock onto hostile cyno fields frequencies allowing them to jump to them.

Covert Ops Warship
A heavy Damage and tank battle cruiser with warp capabilities.

New Modules

Tachyon Sensors. Passive, now provides the ability to probe cloaked ships, however their detection is reduced making it harder to probe them. Covert Ops, and Covert Recons Only.

Subspace Flux Field
Stops a cyno field and covert ops closing the field. Use able only by a heavy interdiction ship. fields close over 2 second period.

Bonus Changes
Covert Ops and Covert Recon Role bonus now removes the signature lock on penalty of Tachyhon sensors.

I see nothing at all here that has anything to do with griefing. Please do not confuse “griefing” and “PvE farmers aren’t able to farm 100% risk-free at maximum ISK/hour” or “PvE farmers can not opt out of PvP in a PvP game”.


Every idea is either overpowered, not needed or a combination of the above.


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