New ideea of game

Hi there,
i`m not especting to be taken in consideration but i have like 3 forums about sugestion long time ago and players not agree with me but i see the updated has come.(cyno not on any ship was one of them)

Now i`m asking developers if the game can remove infinite cloaking
Please remove cloacking from any ship that is not a covert
and the most important stop let ceptors to use relic and data analiser or scaner
relic and data to be fited only on ship that have bonus on it (ceptors are for other things…why we have explorer ships then)

i dream and i please ccp to give us ships like tiranos have with subcapitals DD wit a cost that titan getit after using it :smiley:
i asking for to much but it will be awsome and crazy in same time :stuck_out_tongue:

and one thing…please can we geet killmail wiht cans that drop citadels killed…not the fit…the hangar containers and other thing …we realy want to see what item destroyed and what droped an abandoned citadel!

have great day!

It feels appropriate to answer this with a gif.

clown, are you aware that this is the FRENCH section of the forum?

It seems that every other forum section already has the ‘nerf cloaking’ thread

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