FW de-cloaking structures

In today’s installment of “Fixes nobody asked for”: the highly anticipated changes to FW space came with some unexpected new kinks. In particular, new structures around the outside of FW complexes, arranged randomly per site, which seem to be designed to de-cloak any covert-ops ships that warp to the complex. Worse, these structures are not clickable in space, and thus cannot be set up to be seen on the overview. This means you have no way of knowing how far you are from them before they cause your cloaking device to deactivate.

If suicide-ganking in high-sec is considered a totally acceptable mechanic to the Devs, why on earth did they seem to think covert-ops ships operating in low-sec needed to be seriously nerfed? Or was this a bad case of the good-idea-fairy placing scenery around just to make things look interesting without thinking it through?

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Looks like you answered your own question there at the end. Now the fun part is waiting for 5+ years, wondering if they will ever fix it.


Sometimes it would really help iof CCP were a bit more like Riot. They explain their rationale behind some of their changes in regular devblogs and the patch notes. In cases like these were untargetable, invisible (in terms of brackets) and ambiguous structures clearly interfere with gameplay, it would really help to understand these changes better.

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Eh, I kinda like it. 1) You need to put in a little more effort and skill to find your cloaky spots, and 2) It makes cloaky camping less predictable, so more likely to be successful.

  1. Maybe you can see them in the overview, as gas clouds, asteroids, large collideables, or other.

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