CPU on my PC reaching 100%

I regularly multibox 8+ toons but as I multibox more toons I have reached a limit where CPU utilisation hits 100% and the game becomes sluggish and unresponsive. Most of the suggestions I have googled are more about hitting a GPU limit than a CPU limit (eg reducing the graphics settings) but I have plenty of GPU spare capacity (& plenty of RAM spare capacity).

Q1: What settings have the most impact on reducing CPU utilisation specifically?

Q2: I currently have 4 cores on my CPU. I am contemplating buying a new PC and many new CPUs have 10+ cores. When multiboxing, does Eve spread well across this many cores? Seems a simple (but expensive) solution if so.

Thanks in anticipation

Mr Chatter

PS background info: CPU = i7 4770k O/C to stable 4.2Ghz. Already reduced most game graphics settings but that had minimal (zero?) benefit, presumably as issue not GPU limited. Currently multibox using Windows mode (multiboxing without using Windows mode is difficult to manage/switch toons). Interval set to one.

Sorry, I have no solution, but I also do see a noticable amount of increased resource usage when playing the game. Especially when multiboxing the whole computer ‘studders’ and when launching a client the computer even freezes for a little moment. A few patches earlier there was only a drop of fps when running many clients but nowadays it is very bad
Edit: My CPU is Intel i7 6700K

Disabling sound would be good start

make sure windows game mode is turned off too.

  1. Check out this thread for reducing CPU usage.
  2. I don’t know how things work under the hood, but it appears that different clients are getting assigned to different cores. But, I guess the real question you’d want to know is what should you look for in a CPU (i.e. core count, cache, frequency, multithreaded performance, single threaded performance)? Unfortunately, I just don’t have the technical expertise to give you any definitive answers. What I can tell you, however, is that I personally tried looking for a CPU that had good multi-threading performance, and a good price to performance ratio. I ended up going with a Ryzen 5 3600 (this was August 2020, so there are probably better options now). Running at stock, it can more than handle 11 accounts, plus comms, plus firefox with 20 tabs open, plus video playing. So, hopefully that will give you a decent frame of reference.
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Try Linux?

You multibox… on the same machine? How is that multi-BOX?

Multi-boxing would be a multi-input screen such as a Dell Multi-Client monitor P4317Q and a KVMoIP switch or software KVM sharing (Barrier/Synergy) with multi-computers.

4 cores for such a task, is tiny, don’t forget system services are also running on those cores, not just the number of Eve clients (and any threads they may have too).

Multi-client gamers usually run at the lowest settings do they not? That’s why they cried about DX9 being removed.

The problem here is you’re using a underpowered hardware, a bloated platform, and not optimised it for such dedicated use. Consider installing a lean Linux, Wine and use Vulkan rendering and only use that machine for that purpose. “Working” in Eve as that many clients and accounts pretty much makes it a full time job.

Remember, Windows is now a “managed” (by Microsoft) platform and does it in the background, aka, “not your machine” (without trolling through settings all over the show, and not all easily accessible).

Thank you all for taking the time to respond with your ideas. The two ideas that produced the best results so far =

  • cleansing what is autostarted in Windows and so permanently running in the background (one historic process was consistently taking 7-8% of CPU)
  • overclocking my RAM

Thanks all

PS I think I will still buy a new PC with a powerful CPU :slight_smile:

You may also want to check your scheduled tasks, you will be amazed at the list.

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