How many CPU cores is EVE able to use?

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in reference to today’s modern processor architectures with up to a dozen of CPU cores, I am wondering how many CPU cores EVE is able to use?

For instance, I have an old CPU with just 4 cores and when running EVE on my Ubuntu 20.04 it takes roughly speaking between 60% to 75% of all my CPU power, means in average only 3 cores. Do you observe similar behavior even, if you have more CPU cores?

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This is not how things works :wink:
At lest, start looking at usage per individual core.

But since it uses more than one of your cores, it has multi core support. I’m not a programmer, but I don’t think there is upper limit

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There is no upper limit, if all tasks in EVE can be parallelized indefinitely, which I doubt is the case. That’s why I am asking. I would like to know how good EVE is parallelized in the sense of how many cores in is able maximally to use.

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And why you need that? Even if there is no limit and you will run single client on some server hardware with 32 cores or whatever it won’t use all of the cores because that much power is not needed.

You have indeed an interesting/strange attitude Lis, why are you posting if you have no answer and no clue why I am asking these questions?

These question is for example relevant, if you want to buy a new computer. As different CPU vendors follow at the moment different strategies. Some are going for more cores per CPU while others are going for more speed/power per core. As EVE is my most CPU intensive application, it is relevant for me to know how well EVE is scaling with regards to CPU core usage.

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Then you should also be aware that it doesn’t matter. Neither number of cores nor clock speed are something you can base that decision on. Performance is not directly linked to either.

If you have a 4 core processor and four threads in your application you cannot presume the four threads will be allocated to a single core each.

The games code does not determine how many cores it can use. The games code determines how many active threads there might possibly be at a single time but the allocation of threads to cores is complex, based on every active thread from all software running on the machine. Cores will be idle if it’s more efficient to run multiple threads on a single core.

So even if your question had an answer (which it doesn’t) then you should not base your purchase on that answer because there isn’t in reality a performance correlation.

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That‘s why I have not asked how many Threats EVE is running but instead I was asking simply for an practical observation about how much the total CPU load of EVE on your multi core machine over all cores is and how many cores you have.

This is really easy to obtain. Please just start EVE and the gnome-system-Monitor and tell me the numbers. From this I can make my own conclusions.

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So you wanna know the cpu load for a Linux machine? So that’s as much about WINE as it is the eve client.

But still your question is pointless. The performance when doing what? Different game states have different resource requirements. What activities even have their own threads? What else is running on each machine?

You can draw your own conclusions, but two different people will give you two different answers. Hell the same person twice will give you two different answers.

You’re asking for nonsensical information.

Whow, what a Kafka-like talk. Never thought that asking two simple questions can lead to such a huge discussion. Ever heard of: Just Do It?

It seems that asking people for a small favor is simply too much.

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You shouldn’t use words you don’t understand.

When what you’re asking for doesn’t make any sense then yeah.

Nobody owes you anything.

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