Question on the 64bit client and client hardware

Does the 64 bit client take advantage of multiple cores and/or threads? And if so to what extent? Does hyperthreading actually slow down eve? It does on a number of games. So many questions :wink:

With the new Ryzen 3000 CPU’s out and a new PC build coming soon to upgraded my over the hill 3770k it would be great to have some specifics. Intel 9900k 8c/16t? 9600k 8c/8t (no hyperthreading), Ryzen 9 3900X 12c/24t??? What does the 64bit eve client like on the localhost side?

Also as many are aware a number of games include a benchmarking tool. It would quite awesome if eve offered a simulated benchmark. And with all the reviews going on right now CCP could get some free advertisement if the pc enthusiast youtubers included the “eve benchmarking tool” in their results. Youtubers like Paul’s hardware, bitwit, JayzTwoCents, Gamers Nexus, Linus, der8auer… just to name a few. They get many many 1000s of hits.

Anyway CCP, thanks. I’m about to drop a few K on a workstation and Eve is really the primary reason so i’m fishing for info.

Having plenty of experience multi-boxing EVE clients, it very much seems to only run one thread per client. Or, at the very least, it seems to do almost all of it’s processing in a single thread, even if it actually does multi-threading to some degree.

The biggest reason to consider higher core counts for the sake of EVE is to allow for smoother multi-boxing setups, as you can spread the load of multiple clients over multiple cores.

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Buy a CPU with the best single thread performance if you play one client, it gets more technical as you add more applications/multiple clients and CPU you chose could make or break your overall experience. Get immersed.

No. Google what is 64-bit version of a software. It’s about RAM memory limit not game engine itself.

You are mostly correct, more so when it comes to EVE because a 64Bit application “can” crunch data more efficiently, but given that all the crunching is done serverside that particular benefit doesn’t help

Have you ever been in massive fights? You know how many times eve client crashes during fights because it need exeeds 4 GiB ram limit? Textures and other stuff (I don’t want to get into details what program keeps in ram memory) aren’t streamed from TQ cluster.

64-bit client is also not only about today changes. This is gate for new improvements for eve. HD textures, upcoming dx12, better graphics and many more.

DX12 isn’t reliant on x64 neither are HD textures, those go in to VRAM for the most part anyway, not that HD textures really make a difference other than already increasing the memory footprint of people using multiple clients, and i never claimed anything other than data was streamed from the server, infact my post agreed with you by pointing out that the benefits of x64 outside of increased RAM allowances weren’t going to affect EVE as all the heavy lifting in terms of number crunching is done serverside :stuck_out_tongue:

My apologies as I may have communicated this incorrectly. I’m flat out looking for info on the eve client (32 or 64bit) and how it interacts with the CPU. Some games take advantage of more cores than others some preform better with hyper threading some don’t.

This was helpful R4d, thanks. I MB under 8 clients so it sounds like core speed is most important in my case. That said I would like to see benchmark scores for different CPUs due to many different use cases.

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