64 bit and multicore support for the Eve Client

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At the moment EVE Online is a 32 bit application and uses one CPU core. When will a 64 bit client be devolved so we could make use of the multi core technology? It asks as one of the minimum CPU requirements for eve is a “Intel Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz” which is a multi-core CPU. Why does it ask for a multi core CPU if it will only use one of them? If the minimum requirements are asking of such then why not write the code not only in 32bit as well 64bit and support multi core for which you are asking for as minimum requirements?

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The second one if for operating system tasks that need to run in the background or the client will be slowed down by them.

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64bit isn’t necessary for multi-threading. They’re two completely independent concepts. Don’t be fooled by the unrelated fact that 64 = 2 * 32.

The Eve-client is already multithreaded.

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64 bit is coming. It was delayed by some libraries which were 32 bit only. With the removal of Captain’s quarters, those libraries are no longer in use, so no longer blocking. It’s not a quick and easy update, however, requiring extensive testing.

Eve is already multi-threaded on the client. (It’s also multi threaded on the server, but not for the core system simulation)

(Also, you have other things running on your PC. like your operating system, and all the various things it does. handy for those.)

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Would you know anything about multi GPU support, DX 12,tessellation?

Thx for info above.

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Can’t you make EVE run instead of the OS? That would probably be a significant improvement to a lot of machines.

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The OS exists to virtualize the hardware and provide a set of common services. CCP writes their code to run on Windows and use the services Microsoft provides - like DirectX. If developers had to write specific code for every system the economics wouldn’t work.

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Thousand of different game.exe with specific set of drivers built in to talk directly to the hardware or one massive game.exe with all supported possibilities included? The hilarity of people crying when their old hardware eventually get killed because CCP can’t keep it all up.

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