Crap Programming?


I noticed that the damage multiplier in the ship traits are not acting property. For example, the Ishtar is supposed to give a damage bonus to all drones and yet the bonus is reflected in the Ogres more than the other types of drones. Another example is the Gurista ships, instead of a Kinetic and Thermal bonus to missiles only, augmented Hammerheads that have both damage types are boosted as well.

Aren’t these basic things that should work?

Garbage coding.

Can you clarify what you mean? With… numbers? Screenshots? Either it’s a bug from today or I am pretty sure someone would have noticed that before. I use Ishtars and Gilas for ages and so far their boni applied exactly as described.

and it is the same even with t5 drones or regular ones. And it’s not just today.

I still don’t get what you mean. 732 / 781 dps is exactly what you should get on an Ishtar using Aug Drones and 2 faction DDAs (with all skills V).

I found it. I guess they have a different base damage multiplier.

Yeah they do.

And btw, if you use this thing for Abyssals, don’t use augmented drones. Half of their DPS does not shoot into the resistance penalty hole, so it won’t get bonused from the environment. You will deal more effective damage (and for a lot less ISK) when just using T2 Wasps (Navy Wasps for the smaller stuff) or T2 Ogres (Navy Ogres for the smaller stuff). Even if less total DPS is shown in the fitting window.

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CRAP actually is a software design pattern :kissing_heart:

I wouldn’t mind CCP using those instead of doing some monolithic spaghetti they later get spooked by themselves hard enough not to dare attempting to fix decade old bugs.

and now OP since it appeared that you ■■■■■■ up and missread, can you publicly apologize for the “crap programming” and “garbage coding”?


Dont hold your breath. I doubt theyll come back

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Meh. Check the release feedback topics and Photon feedback topics to see more than enough crap programming quality from CCP. A errant untrue accusation doesn’t change the general matter of fact when it comes to CCP’s coding quality (CCP karkur excluded from this generalization).

Here’s a quite recent example of CCCP: 2 days ago, I had 4 unread notifications in my widget and notifications. I marked all as read. Yesterday, I received no new unread notifications but the widget told me I have 4 unread things/notifications since I logged off. There were no new notifications. Today I logged in and the widget again told me that I have 4 unread things/notifications since I logged off yesterday. There are no new notifications/mails/anything. On a regular basis, the Notification widget also spasms completely and tells me I have 512 new things. This is CCCP in action. An apology? Don’t make me laugh.

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We have come a long way since 2015 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Check that drone DPS…

drones have different damage output so… its not a mistake from CCP ! ogres have more dps then other heavy´s !

and the kinetic and thermal bonus is for MISSILES ! drones arent missiles … so they dont get this bonus !

its not that hard to understand such easy traits oO if you would take a look on your ship and read you could have seen everyting by yourself …

OP might’ve messed up but that doesn’t change the veracity of his thread title.

For one example: Some of the mining equipment (I don’t use all types so trying to be accurate, it might be all) doesn’t coordinate their sounds vs. their activity. When the mining tool finishes it’s cycle, it is supposed to produce a (cycle completed) sound BUT this sound doesn’t match the cycle. The sound occurs, instead, in various portions of the cycle rather than at the end of cycle as it should.

You can see what might be the same issue (or related) if you watch the ships pass out in the main corridor when you’re sitting in a station or structure. The motion isn’t smooth; it’s jumpy and inconsistent. This is CRAP CODE.

Well, why don’t you apply for a job, and you can fix it?

because I am retired; otherwise, I would and it wouldn’t be that hard…

I was a mainframe programmer once upon a time. The first job they give you is maintenance; that job is for the inexperienced guys that just started.

It would be obvious to most programmers that these guys are much too experienced and knowledgeable to stoop to such lowly tasks…which is why this stuff is not addressed as it should be.

Did you look at the ships movement in station?

No, I don’t care. Let us know if you ever come out of retirement, it’s such an easy thing to fix you could probably be done by nap time.


A lot of that is communications lag. Could be the coding as well but I’m not qualified to comment on that. I only got as far installing the coms networks.

In this case, it’s something related to the particular miner, either ship or equipment, but I haven’t tracked it at all, just noticed it at this point.

Some of the equipment syncs perfectly with the mining cycle - I think the Venture is one of them, but I don’t remember - that “thump”, or whatever the sound is, happens just at the end of cycle. But other ships/equipment just “thump” at random.

The only reason I noticed this in the first place was that I got used to that thump drawing my attention to when the cycle ended - I went to an upgraded ship at some point and noticed it didn’t work properly.

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