Crazy Bird Inc. - Newbros and bitter-vets welcome!

(Vyktor Waaga) #1
  • Laid Back - Play how you want!

  • Ratting/Mining/Industry Opportunities

  • Mission Running Support

  • Corp Logistic Support Available!

  • Corp buy-back for industry/mining

  • Dedicated Voice Server (TS3)

  • Free cookies and coffee!

Come hang out in our in-game channel, Crazy Bird Pub

Apply today!!

(Enlightened Artwik) #2

still recruiting apply today Join Crazy Bird Pub or message me Enlightened Artwik!!

(Enlightened Artwik) #3

Newbros welcome! come get some ore and have some fun!

(Enlightened Artwik) #4

Recruiting all and any US TZ pilots join now Crazy Bird Pub ingame

(Enlightened Artwik) #5

Need Miners, salvagers, and indy pilots! reply or join Crazy Bird Pub ingame now!