Eagle Industrial - Not a billionare in RL? Become one in EVE!

Tired of mining alone? Of ratting quietly while everyone else makes more and has more fun? Eagle Industrial aims to solve those issues by providing an infrastructure in which you can participate while making good money!
For now we are a small upcoming corp looking to expand, participate with us from the beggining to get a true EVE Experience! We are currently setup in the Citadel region and plan to remain in Highsec for the long term.
Some of our bonuses include;
-T2 Orca mining boosts.
-Ore buyback program.
-Azbel Access
-Free ships for early players.
Any questions should be directed to me or join our public channel, VAKHA Public

We keep growing! Come join us!

Greetings. What TZ are you guys? Looked a couple times and I didn’t see anyone. Thanks!

Mainly US TZ but looking to grow our EU TZ

Greetins! whats TZ stand for?

Basically what time our corp is more active at

Come join us! We are now an established corp and we’re looking for more people!

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