Create an *ACTUAL* Downside to Player Piracy

you look it up, I have stuff to do

Why do you people keep throwing around false accusations of input broadcasting, when quite clearly the damage spread on zkill for multi-box ganks shows a wide spread of damage that proves sequential, manual input?

So you’re going to “guess” they’re cheating because you don’t like their playstyle.

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I think looking at zkillboard comes from the same mindset and level of maturity as “1v1 me bro” at the end of a CoD match.

It’s been a month and you are still complaining about how PVP is too difficult for you. Move on, don’t feed the troll.

There really isn’t any penalty, that is lasting, for piracy. Continued piracy should see a pirate account locked into a station, when in High Sec, for three, five or 14 days. During the jail sentence the pirate’s security status would slowly increase to being able to leave the station.

There should also be a mechanic that allows non-pirates to capture the pod of a pirate and then turn the pirates pod into a CONCORD paddy wagon where a reward is then handed given to the non-pirate. The CONCORD paddy wagon then carts the pirate off to the station to serve her or his sentence.

“CON” in the “CONsequences”

Point of interest: The “con” in “consequence” means “with”. The “con” in “con” does not.

As someone who just lost a freighter to a gank squad, to the tune of 4.129 billion isk I agree that the playing field needs to be leveled a little.
My idea is first give freighters some mid slots and more low slots to at leas let us buff some. Secondly I would like to/ see cargo containers that self distruct if the ship is lost, thus lowering the reward.
I can hear the gankers crying already “Thats not fair…”

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I agree, and for balance considerations: when you dock in any station the non-jettisonable cargo containers also have a 100% chance to self-destruct if you carry more than 1 bil, thus lowering the reward for hauling successfully.

I can hear the freighters crying already “That’s not fair…”

Why ? You didn’t even fit the slots given to you :

Haha, I knew that would get a reply. All I am saying is that it should be less profitabe for gankers. I am not putting any restrictions on you, but I would like to take steps to prevent you from profiting off of my destruction. As far as the exploding can goes, that is a loss of your profit so I expected gankers to not like it

The 3 low power slots are basically useless, especilly against a 10 person gate camp team.
It is also funny that my killmail says I lost 4 bil’ I guess that was just the destroyed stuff not the 2.5 bil they were able to steal.

You do know of the powerful EHP module Reinforced Bulkheads II right?

The ship was dead in less than 5 seconds.

With that attitude, in the future can you please contract me everything you wish to haul for 0 ISK?

I can guarantee you won’t lose a freighter in 5 seconds, or 10, or ever again.

For posterity on EHP numbers using 3 very cheap modules:



475k (+53% bonus)

So now I have a bad attitude? Funny how things changed when I called you on your BS. We were not talking about my attitude, we were discussing gate camping gankers in high sec space making an incredible profit off someone else’s hard work.

It wouldn’t have mattered, and I suspect you know it.

So there was nothing you could do? What an unfair game!