Highsec combat

Something that bothers me about highsec ganking is the lack of meaningful tradeoff. Given the methodical nature of eve ganking, ship loss is not a tradeoff but a cost of doing business. It’s akin to needing to buy ammo to do pve. The same can be said for the security status hit. Clone tags make it far easier to simply buy back whatever you lose in short order. Again, a cost of doing business but not a real sacrifice (as any tradeoff should be).

My suggestion is that any illegal combat in highsec, i.e. conduct that draws a concord response, should incur a hit to the faction standing of the empire who controls the space. If it’s done in Domain, it’s a reduction in Amarr faction standing. If Lonetrek, then a reduction in Caldari faction standing. Genesis is a bit of a special case, given the dual sovereignty there, but attacks in Concord space can simply be treated as a security status hit, which is more or less a hit to Concord faction standing anyway.

This provides a meaningful sacrifice to the attacker and it satisfies a missing lore element of highsec player combat. The lore tells us that the empires have essentially outsourced their security work to Concord. That’s fine. It does not provide a justification why those empires would turn a blind eye to illegal conduct, though. Even if the empires are not directly involved in policing the rules of combat, it seems ridiculous to think that they would be happy, or even neutral, about it. If this whole universe is to be some kind of future humanity, then we should note that no sovereign has ever been pleased with people fighting in its territory without its approval. It only stands to reason that the Eve sovereigns would take the same view.

Feel free to respond, but please try to address what I wrote and not some fantasy script in your head.

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Something that bothers me about highsec mining is the lack of meaningful tradeoff. Given the methodical nature of eve mining, ship loss is not a tradeoff but a cost of doing business. It’s akin to needing to buy ammo to do pvp.


Do miners treat their ships as disposable?

Your troll game is weak, son. It sounds like you’re 30 but pretending to be 12. Very sad.

They should be.

And after all they are stealing resources in empire controlled territory. It makes more sense for miners to suffer standing penalties for mining than the gankers which don’t commit any acts against any empire.


Gankers are already chased around by the factions.

What difference would this make?

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Give up while you’re behind.

So, they all get hit by faction police while they’re on a gate?

Most yes. Have you actually analysed the activity of gankers to see who the active ones are and what their sec status is?

It makes no difference. They are able to operate irrespective of being chased by facpo.


Sec status isn’t faction standing. I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing.

Again, what difference would it make? Because the faction police already chase them, based on their sec status.

What difference would a low faction standing make at all?


Faction police don’t get involved with sec status. They police faction standing, which is different.

The difference is that there are no clone tags for faction standing. Since I know you won’t get that because you’re clearly ignorant of the mechanics, it’s another npc force to shoot you that can’t be fixed by blowing cash. It’s an actual penalty instead.

This is wrong.

Faction police, police their systems and chase any outlaws (exact sec status based on the sec status of the system).

They are very much, already involved.

Have you actually analysed the sec status of the active gankers?

They operate at -10 sec status (chased around by Faction Police).

Tags are irrelevant for the most part.


If you want trade-offs and lore, then it makes more sense for miners to suffer the faction hit.

If this thread is instead ‘nerf ganking just because i don’t like it’ then perhaps be a bit more honest about it…and learn how it works.

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Son, all you have to offer is teenage angst and bad reasoning. I don’t want to say making you literate was a mistake, but I won’t say it wasn’t, either.

Perhaps you should read your posts back. All the hostility and ad hominem is coming from you.

I’m just pointing out that gankers don’t hurt the empires in any way. It’s actually the miners that are taking their resources. So your reasoning is backwards.

All of them are -10? Zkill tells a very different story.

Maybe you should take your own advice and familiarize yourself with the evidence.

The miners sell their ore or minerals mostly in the empires’ stations, right? The empires make money off that, right?

As for your whine about ad hominem, hahahaha. Maybe you should reread your stuff, champ. You opened with teenage sarcasm and then added really terrible reasoning :stuck_out_tongue:

No, and they don’t all have to be -10 to still be chased around by faction police.

Gankers already operate effectively with facpo chasing them. Facpo chasing some more of them a bit earlier will make no difference at all.

Have you actually analysed the data available from zkillboard?

Maybe this will help you:


Just do some actual analysis and then you might adjust what you are asking for, because currently, what you are asking for will have no effect.


Not necessarily. Stations are owned by corporations and there are plenty of player markets.

You thought it was sarcasm. It wasn’t.

Ships are ammo, a cost of doing business, no matter what you do.

Yeah, the fact you can fix it in 5 min with some cash is something I touched on in the very first post of the thread. It’s like buying ammo for ratting or factoring in expected ship loss for abyssals. It’s simply a cost of doing business.

Look, you don’t even understand what I’m proposing. All you know is that you want ganking to stay as is and you’ll throw anything at the wall in the effort to make that happen. It’s cute, but I don’t have time for that. You don’t understand the difference between sec status and faction standing. We established that from the start. That means you don’t know the mechanics of the game. It also means I’m wasting my time. Have a nice day.