Creecher Virpio for CSM 13!

Hello, I am Creecher Virpio, welcome to my CSM Campaign.

The Who:

I’ve spent nearly my whole EVE career obsessed with all aspects of Capital ships. I’ve done logistics, PVE, PVP and construction, as well as living full time in wormhole space for around a year and a half.
For the past the last 2 Years, I’ve been the Capitals Director and a supercapital FC of the third largest alliance in the game. This puts me in a unique position that most people don’t get to see, the lifecycle of a capital from construction to deployment en masse on the battlefield.

While I’ve played in all areas of the game, from highsec to wormholes, nullsec has been my home for the vast majority of that time and is where I have the most experience, and most care for.

The game is going in a good direction, but we’ve seen how easily that can slip and I want to do whatever I can to keep things on track.

As such, my goals are as follows:

The What:

My Campaign is focused around Capital ships and their impact on New Eden, driving content in nullsec, as well as over all game health.

Capitals are a huge part of the game for nearly everyone. At some point in every person’s EVE career, they’re going to interact with capitals. This is why it is so important that they are properly balanced. This applies to all capitals, from the orca to the titan, highsec and nullsec.

I want to see more capitals being deployed, more destroyed and more built than ever before in all areas of space.

Key Points that need to be addressed and how I would like to guide CCP to address them.

Constant iteration - no one likes a stale meta. Constant evolution of the meta, even if things get somewhat out of balance is good for the game. We have seen too many times that a bad change lingers for too long. Frequent iteration is the path ccp needs to continue on. This video is a great example of how this works:

Supercapital Balance - Burst projectors need a balance pass, they are too small for subcapitals and too weak for capitals, this could be resolved with scripting, large bubbles with weaker effects for anti subcap and small bubbles with strong effects for capitals.

XL Missiles - One of the core imbalances between shield and armor capitals is damage application, specifically with missiles. The lack of damage application of capital missiles combined with the ability to evade the slow moving missiles mean that they are far outclassed by the instant damage application of turret based weapons, combined with the pitiful range of torpedos, XL missiles need a heavy rebalance pass.
This comes into play specifically in large fleet fights and Ti-Di situations. The instant application of turret weapon systems means that missile based capitals are wiped out before they have any chance to return damage.

Emojis in Local chat: TEST Alliance has always been a herald of local spam, and its time we brought local to the next level. With the next chat update, we should be able to use EMOJIS in the in game chat service.

Bumping and Ship Models - We understand that bumping isn’t a problem that’s going to be fixed overnight, but something needs to be done about the way FAXs bump other ships when they load, possibly by reducing the size of the FAX models or bump sphere until the core issues can be resolved.

FAX Balance - Capacitor is the lifeblood of the FAX machine, and in turn the supercapitals and capitals they support, and the core of their imbalance. Armor FAXs have a huge advantage over Shield as they can fit much more capacitor modules in their mids while maintaining their tank. Limiting their cap boosters in some way would be a huge step to bringing armor and shield capitals in line.

Implants - Perhaps not specifically shield slaves, but more functional balance between armour and shield capital implants, and some capital focused tank-agnostic implants, fighter health, damage, capacitor base, neut resistance and so on.

Citadels - structure spam, there needs to be a limit, either hard or compounding cost, to slow down the spread of structures in all areas of space.

NPC - Shield modules need to drop in more areas of space, currently the vast majority of regions are armour module faucets, this puts unfair price hikes on shield modules.

Sotiyo - The Sotiyos are in a great place at the moment with their unrestricted spawning, more content of this nature would be a welcome addition to the game, more NPC based content points worth fighting over that aren’t ISK faucets but asset supply.
The high risk/reward dynamic of this feature is ideal.

Getting in touch

I want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please never hesitate to contact me. You can do so with the following:

Twitter: @creechervirpio
Discord: Creecher Virpio#5464 (Via the /r/eve discord server
Or just hit me up via EVE Mail or private convo on Creecher Virpio




To see him in all his glory, look no further than this irrefutable evidence of his expertise in Capital Warfare:

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Shield super advocacy and an improved local spamming experience. Finally a CSM candidate I can get behind.


What’s your favorite type of porn and Why?


expanding on this would you be interested in doing a shoot?


You mention implants, but said nothing about attribute implants.

How do you feel about the attribute system, and the implants therein?

Does TEST endorse these types of responses from a director after a Carrier loss?


Danm… Feel bad for all the test dudes having voted…

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