Crew Looking For Like Minded Pilots

Do you find yourself logging in and being the only one in chat?
CEO has gone AWOL?
No goal to be working towards?
Want to be part of something where you can make a real difference?

Come and check us out…

Solar Vista is a long standing, friendly Industrial Corporation based in Domain Hi Sec, Close to Amarr.

Corp Motto -

V anguard
I ndustry
S cience
T rade
A sset Security

We welcome both new and old players to join our friendly family! We are a corp with a solid core of regular players happy to share their knowledge. Alpha’s and Omega’s welcome. Happy for people to come and go as RL dictates.

What we provide:-
:heavy_check_mark: Collaborative Mining Activity
:heavy_check_mark: PI planets set to minimal tax
:heavy_check_mark: Manufacturing
:heavy_check_mark: Research and Invention
:heavy_check_mark: New player friendly - Learn about the game in a supportive environment.
:heavy_check_mark: WH activity in C3
:heavy_check_mark: Null Sec Activity

What we require:-
• Mature and sensible players who are fairly active with a friendly personality.
• Be loyal towards the corporation and its members.
• Ability to follow simple rules.
• Background check to be completed prior to acceptance into the corp.

If you are interested in joining Solar Vista, please contact our recruiter(s);

  • Eternal Shadow

  • Thrudd WellHard

or join VISTA-PUB for more information.

Open for applications

Open for enquiries

Returning vets looking for a more relaxed game play environment or new pilots looking for somewhere to learn and grow!

Equally welcome . :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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