Crew Mechanics

Lots of DEV time that could be better used in other areas of EVEs development.

Way to many pointless changes, food, really?

However I like the premise of crewed ships.

I’ve thought about this many times and concluded:

  1. The people you “hire” have to be real players, hiring NPCs would be like buying buffs
  2. The roles have to have things to actually do or your real players will be bored, 1st Officer, really? Besides kissing the Captains ass what does a 1st Officer on an automated ship do?
  3. Let the final SP stat of the ship be the greater of the captains stat or the crew member, plus 1. So a max of six. Captain = V, Crew = V, Crew + 1 = VI


A combat ship hires a gunner, the gunner controls the weapons, one or more selected weapons stats get the crew bonus and could be a max of VI.

A hauler hires a trader, the trader makes the market trades and they pay less taxes.

A miner hires an operator they get the bonus, operator runs the mining equipment.


The crew could be mobile customers?

Wastes dev time on something that literally makes no impact. Crews are basically implants except linked to ships instead of pods

I had forgotten why I hated metagaming. Thanks for reminding me.

Such as?

Okay I admit, I was reaching on the food part.

I’ve also thought it would be cool to have multiplayer EVE bridges too, kind of a party game situation.

I like your ideas!

Why do you think it wouldn’t have an impact? Wouldn’t it add a new layer of customization? I’d call that an impact.

We’ve been part way down this road. A few years ago CCP introduced teams as part of an industry expansion. They didn’t work very well and were removed in a subsequent patch.

If you treat a crew or industrial team as a unit that can be created, trained and traded, it isn’t much different than an implant or rig - you have a special “slot” in the ship or structure and can plug in crews with different capabilities and levels. Like implants, they should be expensive relative to the bonus they provide and, like rigs or implants, they should be single use - destroyed on removal. (Edit: disbanded might be a better term)

Like implants and rigs, I would expect them to be popular but not indispensable. They would add a role play element and a new facet to industrial gameplay for a relatively modest development effort.

This is basically the same as giving us double the implant slots, sure you can buy crews but if everyone has this then nobody really benefits. If everyone by default has 1% extra damage and 1% extra hp, is it really extra?

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