Ship Crew

My idea- additional module slot that would accommodate x amount of Crew modules , fueled by captured ,dropped, purchased commodities like prisoners, soldiers homeless etc…
Resulting in a use for these as well as creating a market
Different size ships equals more Crew …that maybe provide a benefit or something to stats
Crews are expended as your ship is destroyed
Possible loss of some Crew due to level of damage received…thereby needing to be replaced… which fuels the market…

So when I gank your freighter or battleship, you get to come back to life as a clone, but I get to turn a few thousand children into orphans when I nuke your ship and their parents along with it? Sure, why not…

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That already happens. it’s just not represented in game. But is in lore

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Star Trek Online used to have Crews for their ships as well. The more living Crew you had, the faster your systems would come back online after someone used an effect to disable them. And the faster damage would repair because people were running around fixing stuff. Things like Torpedo explosions would kill some of your crew, reducing those things. But the Crew were all holographic, or mutant rabbits, or something… Because they’d regenerate after a few seconds and start filling back up.

Then, I hear they got rid of the idea completely and just gave everyone rounded % bonuses to things instead.

In Eve, you’d be looking at something so very similar to Rigs that you may as well pretend it’s Rigs. You’d plug in a skilled Chief Engineer, and he’d be able to improve your Cap regen, or help you with more PG for better fittings.

We don’t need more Rigs. Just pretend your Rigs are your Crew. Just start calling your Capacitor Control Circuits “LaForge”, and your Ancillary Current Routers “Scotty”.

Nope you can’t have a crew to molest

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Edit: Also they tried something similar and it didn’t really work.

lore wise, the ships have always had crews. ranging from 1-3 on a frigate up to 3k-6k on a titan (minimum skeleton crews, many ships have MUCH higher crew capacity)

the suggestion of ship crews has been suggested many times before, but has always been eventually discarded as unnecessary. it would do nothing that rigs don’t already do, and would make ship balancing even more of a headache than it is.

Pretend your rigs are crew.

Yeah it would be nice to have a use for marines and such but it should be it’s own mechanic rather than another type of rig.

I like the idea of using marines/slaves/janitors etc to speed up capture mechanics or to do something related to structure and/or planet mechanics.


Well it’s that or they languish forever in some forgotten storage container in some Faraway station …lol

Jettison, lock, fire, its better that way.

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