Why don't they selling crew?

Just a small trading item that have no effect on the gameplay and it could add a little sailt to the game tho
I would love to buy some crews every time I go on exploration cuz you know, to have some company XD
Since we already have exotic dancer, slave,marrines, scientist,passager,… Then why not crew, right?

Let me introduce you to your new crew.


You can find pilots and other personal, too, if you only keep your eyes open.


Bruh I already mentioned

There is Ship’s Crew in game, check contracts. Its personnel that you can get from Worlds Collide mission lvl 4 in last room, from heron.


We used to have industrial crews that added random bonuses to our industrial jobs when paying extra, but they were really unpopular that CCP removed them.

But youre basically sending them to their death. Every time your ship explodes, they die. Are you really prepared to pay the families a bonus and have to visit them personally going around New Eden apologizing for being AFK at a gate and costing them their lives? Or fitting mixed armor/sheilds? And also having their families spam your inbox and mail you, calling you a monster and an idiot?


Sure, but look at them! Why would you want any other crew?


You got the point… But no! I prefer the feel of those crew are there cuz I hire them or feel like a really captain and I don’t want those stripper to take charge of my guns
Hell no

They take their risk for aboarding a capsuleer ship so it’s their price tho

They are all experienced pilots and they take care of you, too.


Your ship, unless it’s a frigate, does have a crew. It’s just that, unlike livestock such as Homeless, Janitors or Exotic Dancers, the crew don’t belong in the cargo bay.

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This is why i want them there

I think there could be added a crew tab in fitting window just below stats, like there are two on the other side.

1 slot for crew for destroyers and frigates,
2 for cruisers and battlecruisers,
3 for battleships, carriers and dreadnaughts,
4 for supercarriers and titans.

As for what would be the tasks of crew, I have couple of ideas.
Some bonuses (1 per crew), affected by social skill - Teamwork:
Passive armor repairs, small amount hp/s.
Passive hull repairs, small amount hp/s.
Passive drone repairs when drones inside ship, small amount hp/s.
Passive fighter repairs when fighters inside ship, small amount hp/s.
1% (max 5%) faster reload times for all charges.
1% (max 5%) faster capacitor recharge.
1% (max 5%) less cpu usage by shield modules.
1% (max 5%) less cpu usage by hull and armor modules.
1% (max 5%) less cpu usage by weapon modules.
1% (max 5%) less cpu used by electronic warfare modules.
1% (max 5%) less cpu used by propulsion modules.
…and so on…

Crew treated as any kind of loot.


Why would a God apologize to his/her minions?

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We are not gods, we are more like trillionaires. And yes, many have apologized publicly for treating their subordinates/employees like crap.

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In days of old, under a ships attributes tab there was a crew stat. Why was this removed? I dunno. Perhaps it was a simple data field accidentally deleted and never replaced. Considered morbid that you can suicide a ship with a 1000 people on it? Considered dopey that pod pilots were supposed to be able to train a skill and be an expert on it so a crew was stupid?

Well, hopefully a suicide ship would have its crew know its a suicide, and also concord would give them ample time to realize “Oh crap this ship is about to explode”.

Concord doesnt instantly kill the ship, so the crew members have time to run.

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According to this, the survival rate of the crew depends on the circumstances and the size of the ship. In general, large ships can take more of a beating before they go down, so the crew has a better chance to get out of the ship.

I also guess that factions with more personal freedom like the Gallente federation put more efforts in the development of safety systems than let’s say the Amarr empire. A big part of their crew consists of slaves (high qualified ones perhaps, but still slaves) and are expendable. In their mind, it seems to be silly to use precious fitting space for escape pods if you can as well put another gold plate on the ship :wink:

I would like to see some sort of crew system, but keep it simple. I would prefere a modification of the rig system. 3 Crew slots that can’t be removed and train a little up in their efficency over time (start with 1% and end up with 2-3%, please no power creep :wink: )

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Sure, but thats old info. Now, theyve made advancements in escape-pod technologies.

Remember the update in ship explosions? Thats because of this technology. Those flying bits are escape pods.

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Wait what there are escape pod flying out in the explode animation???

Yes, pieces of escape pods to be correct. :pensive: