Crew Commands

within the lore of EVE, all ships even capsuleer ones have a crew.

to make them more present in the game for ships and structures, I think there could perhaps be a button near the capacitor for ships / structures which issues commands internally, at this point I have no idea what they will do if anything but i just figured it might be cool, if we ever get to the point where we battle inside of it could also double as a non verbal in game communication method with Vanguard Players

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I would like crew mates, always have since I started.

There have been numerous ideas over the years.

I think having crew is a neat idea, the idea of innocent lives lost whenever a capsuleer ship is destroyed sparks humanitarian outcry within the game is a very awesome aspect for immersion, but i feel like… especially for capital ships there should be some kind of improvement behind crew training and communication.

I also like the idea of the NPC passengers effectively having some kind of use for ships.
you load them into your ship and then the crew has to train over a few days to get up to the right level.

the idea of “a good crew is just as important as a good ship” is rattling around my mind.
i can imagine things like drones and fighters getting some kind of cool bonuses maybe even something cosmetic like new maneuvers or some kind of random luck factor.

Player A: “oh man, that was lucky!”
Player B: “Yeah, good thing I have my crew, made it out by the skin of my teeth!”

I think seeing fighters doing more strategic style bombing runs instead of just flying in circles would be cool.

in my mind, crews in EVE would tend to work more intently and rapidly in more dangerous situations.

if you’re on a space ship and the fine line between life and death is how hard you work, its likely you’d keep working out of self preservation, so perhaps having a crew creates some minor accumulative damage reduction depending on severity of damage of the ship.

I figured there’s something too this, a background factor which has a very minor influence some how on occasion you might stop to appreciate how lucky you were.

sort of like when you have insurance on a ship, don’t play for a while, go out and get blown up to have your ship insurance expire 30 minutes later.

IF you have a crew that does material stuff in your ship, your ship will lose a boatload of efficiency. The point of EVE is that YOU control your ship systems with your mind directly without inefficient command relaying to other humans. If you want that, you will lose efficiency.

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Been a while since we’ve had a Drogon Mace suggestion…

and your ideas are still as vague and undefined as ever.


I’m not sure what CCP’s stance on crew is these days. The guy who was pushing “EVE ships have crew” doesn’t work at CCP anymore… but here’s the old tentative stats.

If CCP ever plans on doing anything with them, personally I lean toward passive stats, as active abilities don’t really make sense. They would make for a good isk sink if you have to do hire on bonuses and monthly salary.

I do think though, if crew are implemented, there should be a drone / robot option that would be somewhere in the range of 60-80% effectiveness of an experienced officer. That way people can kind of opt out of the “take care of the virtual pet” minigame.

Here’s an excerpt from a previous thread of mine:

Continuing the discussion from Space Commander:

There’s no need for a capsuleer to issue commands directly to a person. When I double click in space with my interface, that would send a command with the heading / coordinates. That could potentially be done automatically through a computer system, but there might also be other factors in play that requires a dedicated crew member to be watching that particular task and making sure it’s done as instructed.

This is also why I think it makes the most sense for crew members to be passive bonuses, rather than active abilities.

thank you very much for such a well thought out response, i honestly didn’t know the guy pushing for crew on ships at CCP is gone and i’ll take you at your word they’re gone and this is out dated, i am familiar with the chart and know its old, even if we have no direct interaction with said NPC’s i simply enjoy knowing that it is established mainly because it could possibly be used as a catalyst to spark an event which is relevant to some story plot.

I should clarify that even if this is the case and crew commands aren’t implemented which i doubt they ever will be, in the event of Vanguard being implemented where vanguard can battle inside ships and stations, the idea to indicate to the players how well the battle is going or what their desired actions are would be cool, sadly this only makes me think of blue, yellow and red alert systems from other sci-fi shows.

circling back to the lore regarding crews on ships if CCP wanted to move away from the idea of NPC lives lost whenever a capsuleer ship ecplodes, perhaps a lore re-write might be in order to say these are the number of people it takes to maintain your ship, in its hanger when docked in a station or structure, this would mean when a structure is lost, the number of ships destroyed = X number of people, this would move the narrative away from 1 structure = 1 million people and now becomes a variable number based on total number of ships. however i have no clue what CCP has planned for this.

TLDR: if nothing planned perhaps change the narrative, however maybe use this as a non verbal communication tool for capsuleers to talk to vanguard inside ships and stations (when it gets to that part of course)

It was Torfi Frans Olafsson who was pushing that narrative, iirc he was the Creative Director at the time. He’s currently working at Microsoft, and as I understand it, is one of the people who got the EVE Online integration with Excel pushed through.


First, in some committee meeting the decision is made to put crew aboard ships.

At that point we the players hopefully would get some input as to what we would like to see. I personally, love the idea of leaving my POD and walking around the ship and meeting the crew.

The Chef who is also the plumber. :grinning:

Having an experienced Engineer who seems to get a little more out of the engines or the capacitor is nothing more than a bonus of a percentage or two when carried aboard the ship. Like the person behind the module. Ship blows up? they die, or do we go the lifeboat route? Maybe even they make it to a nearby planet and you could find them with a time period.

Maybe have to send down a Vanguard team to look for and rescue them?

The possibilities limited by imagination and money.

I think seeing something to do with it would be cool, even if it wasn’t anything mechanical in nature, a crew pod warping to planet for example would be great. Idk I just feel like there needs to be more of a connection between players, their ship losses and the supposed trillions across the galaxy, with the way the games architecture it’s difficult to do.

Perhaps what would be interesting is the ability to recruit NPC’s based off of bloodline and effectively start a blood feud but that equally feels very isolationist and a lot of people in game loose ships without it being their fault, it seems pointless to punish them further.

As before I think the feeling of that connection between players and the trillions in the galaxy should be some how felt more without it being a role play factor.

With the advent of the new clone tech…


those clones can be used as ship crew. When they die, the infomorphs can be uploaded to the capsuleer pod, and then relayed back to where ever the home base is.

So in that way, you can have undying crew.

i think that would make for an interesting arc for EVE’s internal Politics
I can see the scope video now

“Humanitarian groups Riot at major trade hubs in protest of the lack of reprimand towards capsuleers for the loss of life on their ships, temporarily halting docking in trade hubs until the issue is addressed by representatives of the four empires, in light of these events and the development of new clone tech, the infomorph network is being expanded to allow crew members to opt in for a consciousness transfer and achieve infomorph status, negating the effects of death”

then over a few months have mentions of labor disputes and the rise of infomorph laborers then one day

“labor riots have broken out at all major trade hubs across new eden after failed negotiations with humanitarian and labor unions over peoples employment rights, with the development of clone technology and expansion of infomorph technology, the demand for high paying hazardous labor has seen a demographic shift from the normal populations to new infomorphs, many people have been left without work and unable to provide for themselves or their families, causing stations to overflow with people who are now essentially homeless” static breaks through, the deathless appears

Deathless: “disgruntled workers of new eden hear me, i have expressed in the past that the representatives of the empires and concord have been lying to you, these failed negotiations are simply neglectful, you are now homeless, cold, destitute and starving, they have foresaken you, but i have not, any one willing to join my ranks is welcome to, arrive at Zarzakh by [insert time stamp] and fight for your very right to not just survive, but to thrive” static and cut to black and end video

The crew should be a measure of loss.

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Each world would be different…

Some would view it as a price to be paid for the chance to gain wealth. I am guessing it pays very well. Also a means to escape a terrible place in the hopes of a new chance at a better life.

But, this would be below the worries of an immortal capsuleer. :wink:

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You’d have to pay for new clone blanks, likely grown by other players. though, there should be some base level crew available from npc buy orders.

Surely that’s why insurance doesn’t pay out 100% but I do agree that there should be a heavier implication for loosing people on your ships

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