Crimsom Harvest quests do not refresh

After completing a challenge, the Crimsom Harvest window do not get refreshed with new ones…

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Got the same issue.

Edit: CCP gave an update here: Crimsom Harvest quests do not refresh - #21 by CCP_Swift

Same problem here as of today

same issue as of today as well. was gonna try doing the scan sites but looks like you have already tried that. i tried relogs and that didnt work.

Same problem here.

After the problem appeared on one computer, I tried logging out then back in on another computer of mine… still the same problem, so it must be server-side.

I’ll add my voice the chorus: I have the same problem. I tried doing the event data sites on 2 different accounts but encountered the same problem on both. I’ve closed and reopened the launcher as well, but that didn’t do anything either. I guess there’s nothing else we can do besides filing a bug report and hoping that the problem is resolved after the next downtime…

I have the same issue.

Hello everybody.
I tried to receive all the Crimson Harvest skins by hacking sites.
At 420 of 900 my hacking quest disappeared!!!

What should I do?
2 days left. I can play, can hack but it’s still 420 of 900.
Have some problem with bug report, so created topic here.


ive got the same issue :frowning: tetrimon hacking sites bar gone blue even though i keep completing sites am not geting the pionts for them

Same here.

same here as well

This is true, no progress by scanning anymore. At 780 points


Just adding my issue here too.

Well, I just logged in again and the problem doesn’t seem to have been resolved:

no patch. thank you ccp team

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It would be nice if we got some kind of response from a CCP mod in this thread. I have filed bug reports on both of my accounts were it didn’t work but no feedback ofcourse. I would like to know wether they know what the problem is or when it will be resolved

Got the same issue…
Cant finish event progress unfortunatly…

Yep. Issue persists after DT today.

Same thing for me. Since quite late on Friday night.