Crimson Harvest 2017 info/thread

I think it would be interesting to allow you to gain standing with the pirates if you are so inclined. You can decide to help or hinder the pirates during the event. We just aren’t there yet with the way our tools work and how much time we have to create the content.

That’s great to hear!

You could make an event site like the one level 4 mission I high sec, can’t remember it off the top of my head but it’s a split mission and you encounter two factions fighting and there’s several gates for both factions. World’s collide I believe.

Set up like that you could help one side, and the other warps off. Or try to kill both and they gang up on you and the last remaining group would get a reinforcement wave.

As I said:

If we had all the time, I think we could do more sites like Worlds Collide and improve on it.

So on a scale:
where will be the best rewards?

I don’t control all of the rewards everywhere. Additionally, risk is relative and dynamic, and sometimes subjective but we have no way to even control for that yet.

Our guideline is to best reward the highest risk.

That is normally where I would end this, however since you asked. I usually put Low Sec on top of the list, followed by W-space and/or Null Sec and lastly High Sec. The problem with trying to assess risk for ALL of Null Sec and W-space is that they are so big and players can “own” and protect their areas of space. Lots of factors then play into this like who are your neighbors, what part of Null are you in, how valuable is your area, etc. I think someone once described it to me that Null Sec is like a huge forest. Yes, if you live near the bear and it is hungry, then you are in danger. But if you live in a secluded part, then nobody bothers you. It is difficult to say if that is riskier than Low Sec.


When does it go live on TQ?


The Crimson Harvest event and associated cosmic site beacons have been added. This event starts on the 26th of October, watch out!


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Cerebral Accelerators aren’t on the market. They will be next deployment. Probably not going to have one tomorrow, so maybe Monday or Tuesday.

Again? sigh

What do you mean by that? We can’t sell them on market?

Yeah, sorry about that. Should be on the Market next Tuesday.

If the expire date is far beyond the end date of the event it shouldn’t be such a problem.

They expire 11/28, FWIW

This event is well balanced based on many aspects. Very good idea to implement all PVE activity types in one rewards page, normalized by Parts penalty phases. So a miner, which only doing his daily online stuff for a corporation, can acquire all Event rewards. Same for a null-sec capsuleer shooting daily rats - at Part 5 the 20M bounty is required to get the 14 Event point. The combat explorers should complete 8 Blood Raider Gauntlet sites! to complete Part 4. Every Part must be completed in 14h aka complete 8/16/32 Blood Raider Gauntlets in 14h or take a break and wait for reset next day (sounds like flight fatigue). Resource Wars spawns nice to create some competition and grant enough breathing air in a sandbox.

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There seems to be an issue with the Resource Wars award in Crimson Harvest.

I went to a Resource Wars location and was told it was already full. Immediately afterwards I received the 10 points Crimson Harvest reward for completing a Resource Wars site.

I guess that is not intended behavior.

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crimson harvest is an appropriate name because it’s nothing but a farm that’s bleeding Eve Dry!

  • they were players selling 30-40 or more accelerators even before anyone had a chance to get any & the event just started !!
    already having issues even finding the actual events ingame!
    players are hunting them down so fast ‘The Agency’ can’t even list them fast enough to get there in time.
    (btw The Agency is very laggy & needs a lot more options on what we choose to show)

  • you can’t find any of the blood gauntlets to do because they are usually done or almost done by the time you find them! (who cares who gets credit, you can’t get any of the loot anyway)

  • all the mining events are too high mostly or usually the wrong type of ship, even if you could find someone to run them with.

how is anyone supposed to even participate in the event if the event can’t be found or is already farmed out.

it’s just a great idea gone bad.

I know & truly understand the work that goes behind setting up & running an event like this but there needs to be some more thought put into it.

possibly limit the event once a cap is met & not allowing such massive farming while most of the Eve can’t participate… something needs to be done… turn up the spawns if nothing else… at least I and others might have a chance to get to loot at least one of the gauntlet sites and get to enjoy the event too!

sorry but this game was fun back when it started, now it seems such a chore. sorry to sound so gloomy but it needs to be said.

thanks for trying … but it’s really hard trying to come back to this game… a game I once truly Loved to Play!

To be blunt, get out of the heavily populated areas.

Your entire post is full of contradictions, these two comments probably being the best example. No one can do it because everyone is doing it. No one has accelerators because everyone has accelerators … :upside_down_face:

On the first day I got 97 points and was on level 4 of completing Blood Raider Gauntlets (8 required, I was on 2/8) when I got bored of doing them. I was also on level 4 of bounty hunting (10m required, mostly earned from doing the aforementioned Gauntlets) and I was on level 4 of mining (at which point they switched to Ores I couldn’t be bothered to hunt for). Completing a Resource War site was a one off, did that easily.

I got a SKIN, loads of clothing and loads of boosters and accelerators.

Now I’ve been playing for less than 3 months so I’m no expert, but I managed the above, basically by having the sense to do this:

EVE is a big universe with a relatively small playerbase and in some of the Systems I was in there were 2 Gauntlets up at a time. Plenty to go around if you know where to look.

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Dude, really??

Personally i thin kthis years Crimson Harvest is success, more so than previous attempts.
As someone pointed out, most people can participate just by doing their normal thing. Which is a very good thing, nobody feels forced to participate.

Now on the other hand…
@Levi you really need to shut up, go hunt the things like every one else for starters instead of relying on the Agency map, and 2nd as Chan’aar already pointed out move away from populated areas fro better luck and more spawns.

In my experience so far, there are plenty of Gauntlet spawns because less people outside of those who were going to do them anyway are doing them.

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