Crimson Harvest

We finally get to build our own accelerators.

Hopefully CCP will give us the tools to use the Plasmamidiondeltamitaclorions from the Abyssal sites to mutate the accelerators into more potent accelerators.

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You can try out the sites on Singularity now.

Besides that the clorafloraphilaplanktonplates will add that 6% boost if the reactions are done in WH space at least that’s what it appears to me.

Is the Ironblood skins part of the event?


I do hope not. The loot table looks like a placeholder to me.

From someone posting a video on the combat site the skins are a dark purplish with some orange in the mid of which is a skullike shape.Rats also looked like may hurt newbies alot or kill them outright npc dps seemed rather medium to high

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Gila for the win.

I made a video about the event. It is mostly orientated towards newbros. Check it out here.


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