Crimson Marauders - Corp for the working adult (USTZ)

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The vision of The Crimson Marauders is to be the premier organization for working adults, who want PVP focused game-play and a deep sense of camaraderie. We are open to any player who meets our membership requirements and adheres to our values.


The Crimson Marauders was born from the fire and tribulation of empire warfare and is the distilled remnant of a very prominent PvP guild “The 5th Freedom”. The organization has always catered to mature, working adults and thus experienced strong, consistent growth. The successful recruitment ultimately lead to a series of wars. Either as paid contracts or targets of opportunity; the organization dealt with seven months of war against top mercenary organizations.

The challenge of wars took it’s toll on the membership, as the flames of continuous war removed the less committed, the less adaptable from the organization. The 350 members who were in the organization at the beginning purified down to just under 10. The steel was tempered and honed, everyone else burned. Those experiences in empire lead to a transition of the organization into a 0.0 PvP team.

EVE Mission

Our focus in EVE is to become a premiere military/pvp corporation, who can match other top tier PvP corporations in effectiveness, lethality and teamwork. Crimson Marauders would be an asset to any space holding alliance. We have a reputation for solid leadership, solid PvP capabilities, solid logistics and some of the best esprit d’ corp in EVE. We value the camaraderie of working adults with families and responsibilities. We understand the needs of people with families to set the right priorities and take care of their obligations. Our organization is focused on providing PVP to the working adult and our structure caters to those needs.

What we offer:
-New Player Skill Plans
-Ore buy back program
-PvP Training
-Mining with fleet boost
-Friendly environment

We offer a discord with multiple groups across various games! Come join us in our Eve Online chapter.

Must have a working headset and be willing to communicate on discord with corp mates.

Discord: Crimson Brotherhood Gaming Community

Reach out to one of our recrutiers on discord or in-game: Crimson Outpost

  • Bronx - Bronxguru
  • Odinvali - Odinvali Lothbrook
  • Draco - Evajustesen

Been here with Crimson going on 6 years now. Great mature group of guys and gals to roll with.

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To the top!

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Looking for a corp to learn and grow with? Come check us out.



The corp is growing at a decent pace. Still looking for anyone that wants a new start in game, vets coming back, or new players trying to learn the ropes.



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