Crimson Marauders [USTZ] Null Sec PvP/PvE Industry/Exploration : Corp for the working adult!

[.C-M.] Crimson Marauders is looking for pilots that enjoy a tight knit group of pilots that enjoy both PvE and PvP with a focus around Industry, Exploration, and Small Gang/Black Ops pvp! Currently we live in Cloud Ring as a member of the Shadow Ultimatum Alliance and the Imperium coalition!

Since our founding back in 2018 we have kept our core values front and center as our guiding post to continue moving forward.

Value 1: Maturity. Maturity is the cornerstone of our organization. Juvenile antics, L33tism, and the various forms of mental derangement that manifest themselves in anonymous online games have no place here. We treat everyone with respect. We even extend civility and respect to our in game foes. We realize patience is a virtue in both goal achievement, and in PvP tactics.

Value 2: Responsible Play. We are a gaming group dedicated to older members of the gaming community, who have real jobs, real families and real obligations. If RL pulls you away simply let us know. We will be here when you return.

Value 3: Dedicated Leadership. We have a dedicated chain of command that can address your issues or concerns. We work hard to give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions and participate in decision making.

Value 4: Getting Away. We see online games as an escape from the real world and we try to keep the divisions and divisiveness of the real world at bay.

Value 5: Camaraderie. We require each member to use discord to keep in communication and to keep abreast of the changing EVE environment. We value the community over any other concern. This is where the friendships are built and enjoyed.

Our top priority at the moment is centered around our members, our goal is to train every individual pilot to excel in whatever category they choose to focus on and making sure every pilot is capable of getting in on pvp whether that is for home defense or offensive operations!

What are we looking for?

  • Pilots interested in Industry and PvP.
  • Pilots capable and willing to utilize comms.
  • Pilots that are willing to put their Isk making down to defend our home.

What benefits do you get from joining us?

  • Access to regular R64 and R32 moon pops
  • Access to regular boost fleets for moon pops, asteroids, and gas huffing.
  • Access to all imperium coalition space.
  • Regular PvP fleets on a corp, alliance, and coalition level.
  • Access to ask friendly veterans questions to help you improve to meet your goals.
  • Multiple buyback options on the corp and alliance level.


  • Register on alliance and coalition services.
  • Discord.
  • Mumble.
  • Willing to join comms on your own, a working mic, and able to get off your isk train to defend our space.
  • Omega Account.
  • 10 mill Skill Points.

We are a USTZ corporation

Interested applicants should join our discord : ( Crimson Brotherhood Gaming Community ) use our welcome channel to get temporary Eve permissions and fill out the questionnaire to show that you are actually interested. For any questions you can DM Odinvali on discord @Odinvali#4407 or mail me in game @ Odinvali Lothbrook

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We are still open, have any questions feel free to reach out!

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Recruitment is open!