Crimson Permanent Assurance Company Recruiting (Open Recruiting)

Hello Capsulers,

We’re looking for new and old pilots who like to PVP and PvE. We live in low sec space but as a member of Monkey Fleet, we have a PVE corp for PVE’rs as well a PVP corp to fulfill your PVP needs. We live in Sinq Laison and full access to a Keepstar as well as moon mining, ore mining, production, and manufacturing.

Currently, we’re mostly USA timezones with some European time players. We’re looking to bolster both so we can have content around the clock.

We prefer a pilot in Omega status as well as 10 million skill points or more. The skill point minimum can be discussed, just a preference.

Come join us, speak to one of our recruiters, or drop an email. We’ll contact you asap.

in-game chat channel “Monkey Fleet Public”

Look towards to speaking with you real soon.

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