Crimson Marauders - Corporation for the working adult / New players / Returning vets

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Crimson Marauders


The vision of The Crimson Marauders is to be the premier organization for working adults, who want PVP focused game-play and a deep sense of camaraderie. We are open to any player who meets our membership requirements and adheres to our values.


The Crimson Marauders was born from the fire and tribulation of empire warfare and is the distilled remnant of a very prominent PvP guild “The 5th Freedom”. The organization has always catered to mature, working adults and thus experienced strong, consistent growth. The successful recruitment ultimately lead to a series of wars. Either as paid contracts or targets of opportunity; the organization dealt with seven months of war against top mercenary organizations.

The challenge of wars took it’s toll on the membership, as the flames of continuous war removed the less committed, the less adaptable from the organization. The 350 members who were in the organization at the beginning purified down to just under 10. The steel was tempered and honed, everyone else burned. Those experiences in empire lead to a transition of the organization into a 0.0 PvP team.

EVE Mission

Our focus in EVE is to become a premiere military/pvp corporation, who can match other top tier PvP corporations in effectiveness, lethality and teamwork. Crimson Marauders would be an asset to any space holding alliance. We have a reputation for solid leadership, solid PvP capabilities, solid logistics and some of the best esprit d’ corp in EVE. We value the camaraderie of working adults with families and responsibilities. We understand the needs of people with families to set the right priorities and take care of their obligations. Our organization is focused on providing PVP to the working adult and our structure caters to those needs.

The Guiding Values

Value 1: Maturity. Maturity is the cornerstone of our organization. Juvenile antics, L33tism, and the various forms of mental derangement that manifest themselves in anonymous online games have no place here. We treat everyone with respect. We even extend civility and respect to our in game foes. We realize patience is a virtue in both goal achievement, and in PvP tactics.

Value 2: Responsible Play. We are a gaming group dedicated to older members of the gaming community, who have real jobs, real families and real obligations. If RL pulls you away simply let us know. We will be here when you return.

Value 3: Dedicated Leadership. We have a dedicated chain of command that can address your issues or concerns. We work hard to give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions and participate in decision making.

Value 4: Getting Away. We see online games as an escape from the real world and we try to keep the divisions and divisiveness of the real world at bay.

Value 5: Camaraderie. We require each member to use discord to keep in communication and to keep abreast of the changing EVE environment. We value the community over any other concern. This is where the friendships are built and enjoyed.

CEO Crimson Marauders
Discord ID: Bronx#9165


Great Corp for beginners and experienced players. Always eager to help and answer any questions.

Great group to join, they have been friendly, and helpful to a returning newb like myself. What I like most is regardless of whats going on fun is the priority. So I’m sticking with this group since i also know some of the members from a long time ago.


I Have been part of this leadership for many Years. Every game we give it our all. I expect nothing less in this game. See you guys out there.

To the top!! Recruiting all WEEKEND!!!


to the top!

I have been a part of this community for a couple of years now and don’t plan on going anywhere. Down to earth and in it to have fun. Drop us a line and check us out!


Recruiting all day. Come and talk to us and see if we are a fit.


To the top!

Ah fond remembrance of the Junta / 5th Freedom days. Fun times for sure. Best wishes for the new corp, Bronx. I’ll catch you in-game!


to the top!

Where are you based? I’ve just started back and seem to have forgotten everything. This does not sell me very well admittedly…

We are down in Paragon Soul. Message me in game of catch me on discord Bronx#9165

Recruiting all day :slight_smile:


Recruiting all day… stop on by!

Stop on by, and check us out.

to the top!!