[Criterion.] Small gang piracy, with a side of substance and spaceship abuse

Criterion. is a lowsec small gang PVP corp based in Metropolis and a member of The Panic Attack alliance, which has a steady stream of content. We do frequent roams through Minmatar/Amarr FW space, and occasionally through Cal/Gal as well. We happily find ways to lose everything from t1 frigs to battleships and caps – especially on our drunk fleets.

We have the whole gamut of players, from bitter vets to fresh newish bros – we don’t have a firm requirement for your SP, we’re just interested in people that want to be active PVPers and are willing to learn. We’re mostly in USTZ, though we have a few AU/EU and are looking to expand those time zones as well.

What we can offer:

  • Frequent small/micro gang FW roams
  • Battleship fights with capital support
  • Discord/Slack for spamming memes
  • SRP for alliance doctrine fits
  • Active membership and leadership
  • Drunk/highfleets on demand (though most of them end up that way anyways)

We’re looking for chill people that want to join us in violencing other people’s internet spaceboats – ,PM me “Pizza Thief”, convo “Jesus Rambo” ingame, or join the “Criterion Recruiting” channel ingame to talk more!

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Wanted to add that we are currently expanding our industrial presence and looking for industrial pilots.

Looking to learn new things? We can teach you PvP, PvE, industrial, PI and much more. Come hangout and learn something new, who knows you might even teach us something new!

1173 kills 771b destroyed in june!!!

i hear they get dank frags

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