Cro-magnons & Cavemen

Cro-Magnons is a Newbro friendly, low threshold corporation. Founded by a group of veterans who all enjoyed teaching newbros in the past, Cro-Magnons mission is to deliver all levels of fun gameplay to new and or casual players, regardless of skill points or in-game wealth.

Alpha Clones Welcome!

PvP is unavoidable in EVE and Cro-Magnons will help members participate and enjoy. All other activities are encouraged and supported.

To unlock new styles of gameplay, Cro-Magnons will undertake the necessary amount of conquests/expansions always guided by the principle “The most fun for our members”

  • Recruiting in All Timezones.
  • Settled in neighboring High, Low Sec constellations
  • A friendly and supportive community
  • Free SP friendly ships forever
  • Roams and fleets, small fights and big fights
  • Classes, FC training, Guides
  • Moon mining
  • L1-L4 missions locally
  • Drama free, low on space pol


bump looking for recruits!

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