Cruisers now almost useless, thanks to Navy Destroyers

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Ah so are we claiming to know all that goes on inside my head now ?

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I remember a long time ago making a thread about the newly buffed stabber, during the removal of the tier system for ships. Even with a falloff bonus it couldn’t out-DPS a hurricane at 24km (the maximum range of a T2 warp disruptor). It did terrible damage, didn’t have the fitting to use big guns and didn’t have the slot layout to solve any of these problems.

The Vexor on the other hand was phenomenal after Drone Damage Amps came out and had to be nerfed.

I really don’t know where cruisers sit right now. It’s been… 14 years? since we nerfed the nano-craze, and it was done so heavy handidly that anything larger than a frigate can’t realistically use speed to mitigate damage from larger ships (ignoring 2.5billion HALO implant sets).

I don’t want to push power creep, but we really don’t see cruisers being used as much as they should. I don’t know what the solution is. They are fragile, MOSTLY don’t have amazing DPS and have trouble fitting good setups due to PG/CPU restrictions. Add on to that - medium weapons have been made significantly worse against frigates and you’re left with ships that die to everything and only do well against each other.

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Mm I’d say yes and no.

I certainly think it’s been hard to balance ship roles and tiers. But I’ve done just fine in cruisers, depending on the target profile.

However, in this instance the OP took a bad fight. She was overconfident in her bling, brought a brawl fit to a kite fight and died.

It wasn’t so much ship disparity as it was tactics and piloting skill.

The OP’s situation aside, i don’t think i’d ever run a T1 cruiser. The performance is awful when you can just get an attack or combat BC for not much more. They’re both fully insurable, so the hull cost is irrelevant.

For me, it’s definitely nostalgia and still can be fun. However, it is increasingly hard to find a good target profile, especially solo.


I LOVE the stabber. Nothing quite flies like it. Not the Hurricane, but it’s nice too.

It fly’s like a frigate. A big frigate. I mean that in every sense of the word.

I’d much rather see one of those high slots changed to a mid slot so we can pretend it’s a cruiser and not just a Jaguar with slightly more range.

She will have lost as had a active fit. If she used a buffer, I dont see how it would be possible without ewar.

The dessy has similar DPS with 280mm howitzers at 20km range as a rupture with 425mm autocannons using barrage, the rupture able to hit out to 43KM. The rupture has 30k EHP, the dessy will only have about 6K ehp.

Right, it’s a skill issue.

She got overconfident, got blapped and cried for an un-needed nerf.


I love dual neuts! I would rather have dual neuts than just another 5 mid 4 low cruiser that we already seem to have enough of. Cough cough Caldari.

So you’re brawling in a stabber…? What cursed timeline are we in?!

AB + Scram + XLASB + Invuln mids
180mm autos, dual small neuts
DCU, double gyro, that power unit thing that gives powergrid, shield, shield regen, cap, and cap regen in the lows

AB + Double LSE + Scram mids
180mm Autos with Medium Neuts
Same lows

I have perfect fitting skills. Even with that, i’m 12% over in processor

A full cycle of the ASB put you at just under 30k EKP before reload.

320 gun DPS. No web.

This fit looks truly awful.

Or more commonly known as “Power diagnostic control unit”.

Anyways, if you downgrade the ab from t2 to the enduring one, you won’t need the power diagnostic and can fit a tracking enhancer or a nano.
Using your first variation of that stabber fit, it leaves 0.5 cpu and 1 powergrid left, using 2x medium processor overclocking rigs.

I know we all have our race preferences… but it’s just a bad thorax at that point. And the rupture can also do it better right? The only thing the stabber does better is kite. And it flops under any gun-pressure from anything larger than a frigate.

My XLASB Stabber makes a very sad face. I am going to be flying a lot of them soon, I think, because it seems people underestimate them. I soloed a Vedmak in a Stabber.

ye that’s the one.

Only one fitting rig

Stabbers don’t need a lot of sacrifice in order to have good speed and align on them, unlike a vedmak that will need 3 nanofibers between the low and rig slots to match up to a stabber.

the range that a stabber can hit to with auto cannons firing barrage is also greatly underestimated by most.

at least from the perspective of my dual repping hecate, a stabber is much scarrier than a RLML caracal, especially with a talented pilot in it.